Sunday, April 1, 2012

Andrew's FIRST Birthday!!!

My little baby boy is the big ONE!!!
How did my baby bear grow up past midnight feedings, pureed carrots, and size 1 diapers???  I feel like I say this in every post, but AGAIN, I am reminded of how thankful I am that I am the one that got to be the one to hold him, rock him, kiss him all day long for every day of his first year of life.  I was there for his first step, to hear his first word, to hug him every morning and kiss him every night.... and for every moment in between.  I hope my kids know how much I love, adore, and sincerely cherish them as they grow up, realizing that I wouldn't want to be anywhere in the world than right where they are...

To my humble warrior...  You are my absolute delight.  You make me laugh by your funny jokes - the way you put your socks on your head and then look around to see who is watching you gets me every time!  You make me cry when you are sick with ear infections and I am so thankful that they are finally healing and you are back to your smiley self.  You make me happy when I see your gentle, compassionate personality - you are already so much like your daddy. 
You, my Andrew Paul, make me so proud.

 I love you, my precious little man.

On January 18, 2012, we celebrated the Poole boys' birthdays as a bonfire/s'mores/hot chocolate party at lifegroup..  It was so relaxed and low maintenance, which could not have been more perfect for Daddy and Brother.

Dad's beautiful chocolate cake from Nana and Paw!

Brother's smash cake...  already a little smashed!  Ha!

 And cupcakes for the little fellas! 

Cake time!!!


His cousins were quick to assist him with the cake-tasting. :)

 Just like his big sister, he didn't gobble his cake down immediately.
He used his manners at first... 

...before Sister showed him what his hands were for!
Handfuls of cake, of course!

I'm always amazed at the similiarities between Van and Andrew.
Here is Wade in 2010 as Savannah turned 1.

 And 2 years later, in the same chair,
Brother celebrated his first birthday!

Just in case you needed to see the inside....  ;)

My handsome man.

Vannie in 2010.... 

 Brother in 2012!!!  Do you think they look alike??

Helloooooo, sugar rush.  We meet again. 

 Good thing Sister was there to show Andrew how it's done!

As Savannah finished her cake::

And Brother as he finished his:: 

Looks like the smash cake was a smashing success!  Haa.  ;) 

 I'm looking SO forward to seeing these
two celebrate EVERY birthday together
for the next 100 years. 
 I don't think there is any blessing in the world greater than a sibling.

Our party of Pooles... 1 year older.

Happy Birthday, my boys.
I love you always.


  1. Ahhh, they really do look alike! I've never really thought so until this post. Maybe they really do...or maybe I just can't tell by the cake on all their face. Haha.


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