Sunday, April 22, 2012

February Fun

Here are a few things that have kept us busy this spring::

My Mardi Gras Wreath!
{To be honest, the picture makes it look a lot prettier and more put together than it actually was.  I had the hardest time keeping that fleur de lis in front of the tulle...  it kept falling behind!  I had run out of super glue by the time I made this, but it made me understand why super glue and I are such good friends!}

If you remember our trip to Austin, you remember this fun Texas door...  
and here was the wreath I made to hang on the front!  Soooo easy and fast to make!

We bought a kid's seat to go on the back of Wade's bike
so that he can take the kids out riding!!
  They loooooooove it!!

Hey Santa, now Mom and Brother need a bike!!!!  ;)

We had some terrible weather come through in February and with it being our first time in the house during some major thunderstorms, I was PETRIFIED!!  I just kept thinking, "I don't care if there are branches flying around outside...  just please don't hit the house!!!!!!!!!!"  Haa!!  Thankfully, we survived unscathed. We lit the fireplace for light, called Daddy to pick us up some hurricane essentials, and snuggled together until he got home.
Here are the kids on their first 'Lights Out' adventure!

So when I told Wade that we needed some essentials, 
I meant candles, batteries, and a flashlight.
Instead, Wade came home with chicken, potato salad, 
french bread, and a king cake.

When the lights go down in the country....
we eat our chicken by candlelight.  :)

We ended February with a GIRL'S NIGHT!!!!
We had Sadie and Rylie come over to spend the night in order to bake cookies, 
read books to stuffed animals, 
rock by the fire, and enjoy a little Strawberry Shortcake movie time.
What a tiny slice of heaven!!  I love my little girls!

Nothing says girl's night better than a plateful of Cinderella cookies!

Andrew loves a little girl's night, too.
But only until he's 10.

Precious Rylie!!

Sweet Sadie!!

Adorable Vannie!!

Here's a peek into our sweet and special night with our favorite twins!

Seriously...  how priceless.

Best Friends Forever!!

Rocking her puppy to sleep.

If you need a little rest and relaxation with the girls,
you know where to find us!!  :)
Love you all!

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  1. i thought i was your favorite twin? #rude
    girls night looks so much fun!!!


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