Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Favorite People in Austin

Back in January, we took a trip to Fort Worth to see Hezzy and Jase... 
 Ft. Worth Zoo pictures are coming as soon as I get them e-mailed!  They're adorable!
After a few days there, 
we drove to Austin to see Kurt and Mandy's NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are just a few snapshots of our WONDERFUL time there!

Here is Kurtie, 
proudly showing off his very big, very TEXAN front door!  :)

Big boy CARSON!!!

And baby brother, GAVIN!

Perfect fenced-in backyard for the boys to play in!

Gorgeous view over Kurt and Mandy's back fence!

Already learning how to work the 4-wheeler.  :)

Hellooooo, TWINS!

And TWINS again!!!!!!!  :)

We had lots of pile-up-on-Aunt-Mandy time!!!!!

This cracks me up!!  They are so stinking cute!

Gavin and Savannah Carson going grocery shopping!

Savannah and Andrew!

Couldn't you just squeeeeeeeze him????
We love our Baby Brinker!

Savannah putting Carson to work!

Carson quickly showing Van who's boss!

Horse back riding time!
Kids, meet your Red.

And we wonder why Kurt has a bad back....

Sweet snuggle bear time!

Bouncing bellies.  Kurt, you are welcome for this shot.
Please don't get me back, pleaseeeeee.


And this sweet expression pretty much sums up our trip...

We love our Kurtie, Mandy, Carson, and Gavin...  
Every time we get together, it's the GREATEST.TIME.EVER!!
Is there any way to pick Austin, TX up and transplant it to Pineville??
Let's get working on that.  :)
Love to you all!

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