Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hiiiii everybody!!  We're baaaaack in business!  Wade is currently in Galena, Alaska,
on a mission trip and will be there for the next week, so I'm in Thibodaux until he gets back and I'm going to squeeze as much internet out of it as I can!  :)
I'm soooo looking forward to catching up on blog! This is the last thing I had left to post before uploading the pictures off my new memory card, so here's a short and sweet "Happy Birthday, Wadie and Andrew!!" from January.  Andrew turned 1 on January 17 and Wade turned 26 on January 19!  I'm sure they'll get to share lots of birthday parties together over the next several years, and after seeing them together for this first one, I have to say...  it may just be the sweetest thing ever.  :)
I love my boys and am so thankful they're MINE.

Here are a few pictures from our time in Fort Worth where Hez and Jase surprised Wade and Andrew with a giant cupcake birthday cake! 

At 1 year old, he has already perfected
"Lissie Eyes!!!" 

I almost didn't post this picture....
until I saw Andrew's face.  Haaa! 
I think he likes the chocolate cake.  And the fire.

Birthday boys!!!!

Lighting the bonfire birthday cake.


Happy Birthdayyyyyy to my favorite guys!!!!

Andrew's birthday pictures will be coming up next... 
Ahhhh, it feels soooooo good to be blogging!  Love you all!!!

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  1. DANG!!!! How did they make that huge piece of heaven?!


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