Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Weekend in New Orleans!

On January 7, 2012, Wade and I were given Saints Play-off tickets as a sweet gift from Wade's co-worker!!  Since it's rare that we get to take a weekend and go off by ourselves, it was such a treat to get to plan some time away!  We drove down to Thibodaux and dropped the kids off at Grammie and Pops' house...  where they were sure to get tons of hugs, kisses, and ice cream while we were gone. :) 

All geared up and ready for the game!

Practicing what we were going to do when the Saints scored!

We were sooooooooo excited!!! Can you tell??
 I cheer for the Saints, but I admit I'm not a diehard fan...
but just dressing up in the jersey and heading toward New Orleans
put in me in a enthusiastic "Who Dat!" mood!

If you remember, the National Championship was the following day after the Saints game, so this funny little stand was set up in the mall at the end of Canal Blvd!

It's a goofy looking tiger, but I'm at least showing my team spirit for LSU!
Maybe if the tiger had been a little more manly, we would have won??
Or even scored??
Sorry...  touchy subject, I know.  :)

So Wade and I got to New Orleans several hours before the game started and just enjoyed walking around and taking in the sights.  We stopped at Jamba Juice and got a fruit smoothie for lunch... delish!  Not only did I see my former boss as she walked past (what are the chances?!), but guess who else came strolling right by us???

Can you guess who the guy in the middle is??
I was busy eating my smoothie (go figure!) when I hear Wade telling me, "Look!!  That's Vince Vaughn!! Get your camera!" By the time I got my camera out, Vince was crossing the street... but he was so friendly and was just waving to everybody!
 So neat!!!!

Oh, heyyyyyy, Superdome.

The inside!  Beautiful!

My personal celebrity, WADE POOLE!  :)

My first Saints game ever!


So I totally freaked out when I saw this in the stands next to us...
I thought, "Who in the world does Drew Brees know that's sitting way up here??????  And why didn't he get them better seats?????" Wade laughed.  Apparently, fans dress up like him all the time.  Ohhh, my b.  Haaaa!

Getting pumped up!

The Saints won, we got to sit in pink seats, and we almost got punched out in a fight going on around us between two boys when one refused to sit down. 
Overall, a GREAT night.  :)

The next morning, Wade and I went to The Gumbo Pot - which I JUST saw advertised on the Travel Channel yesterday!!  Ahhhh! - as recommended by Jason and Heather! 

Seriously, did you think there would be a post without food pictures???
Ha, you know better!
Here is Wade's Shrimp Poboy and fries...

....and my seafood gumbo!  Both were faaaaaaantastic!

You know we needed dessert,
so we headed to the French Quarter.

And found these 5 guys who dance along with music... on their heads!
Look at the crowd!  They really were SO good!
However, we are cheap and skipped out on buying their DVD.
A for effort, though, boys!!  :)

Where else would you possibly go for dessert??

CBS was actually interviewing this guy outside of the cafe before the National Championship... he was holding this sign that read,
"Roll Tears Roll."  Haa, get it???

And the back:
{Poor guy had to eat a lot of humble pie that night!}

We walked the Riverwalk, looked at paintings and listened to jazz music around the Quarter, talked to a random stranger {but not really random!} about Jesus, sat in traffic for forever until we decided to take some chances on the unknown streets of Nola that ended up paying off, and headed back to Thibodaux and to our babies! 
What a wonderful weekened we had together!

Date nights should be a priority.  Date weekends should be frequent.
Date trips should be planned.
 (Return trip to St. Lucia, honey???? 
You like how I threw that in right there???  Haha!}

Seriously, the dating should never stop.
No matter how many years, babies, or miles you have to go to make it happen.

I've heard once that just "us" time is one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids.

It's so true.


  1. yayyyy!!!!!
    and shanny baby time ;)

  2. Such a fun date time!!! Please tell me that you did not really think that was a member of Drew's family. Haha. LISSIE!!


  3. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!


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