Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday Trip Part 1!

Since Savannah turned 3 in May and Sadie & Rylie turned 4 in June, we took one big wonderful family trip to Austin, Texas to visit all the Brinkers and Kees that live there... as well as to see the Mary Poppins Broadway Play!!!!!!!!  The three girls loooove the movie and going to see the play was a dream come true for them!!!  It's all they talked about for MONTHS!!!!!!!
Here is the first part of our trip!

Jen & Nathan excited about a little road trip!!!

Ready to gooooo!!

Ahhhhhh!!!! Let's go fly a kite...  in TEXAS!!!!

This was what Brother did most of the 7 hour drive!!
He was pumped!!!!  ;)

Laughing on the ceiling...??
Not quite, but close!  :)

At Kurt and Mandy's new home!!!!
Jase and Hezzy drove up to see and play with all of our babies!!!

Aunt Hezzy and the baby of the Brinkers, Gavin Dean Brinker!!
(But only for a few more months until the newest Baby Brinker gets here in January!!!!!  Yaaaayyyy!!!!)

Sweet Uncle Albert Jase!!!!

Look at the sweet wittle babyyyyy!!!!

Jenny and her CalBug!!!

Cutie little Calla-Lillyyyyy!!!

The boys!!!!

Pop and Grammie's 7 grandbabies (with 1 on the way!!)
Carson, Callie, Sadie, Gavin, Rylie, Savannah, and Andrew!

The Sharbs and Gavin!

Instead of riding the carousel,
we take the Mustang.. :)

I think this means Rylie won the race....  Haa!

Car races, bike rides, family time...
life is soooo sweet!!!

Did I mention the treasure box we found??  At Half-Price books, our new favorite place EVER, we found this box wrapped up.. you had to pay a flat $10 and be surprised by all of the children books inside!!  This.Was.The.Best!!!!!!  There were tons of books for both boys and girls!!
The teacher in me was jumping for joy!!!  :)))

One of Vannie's favorites!!!!!  Can you see the excitement in her little eyes??

My precious little ham bone.  :)


See next post for Scene II:
The Mary Poppins Broadway Play!!!!!!!!!!!

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