Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Trip Part 2!

At the end of April, we found ourselves in Austin, Texas at Kurt and Mandy's house!!  Spending time with our precious family is always extraordinary...  it makes for seriously the FUNNEST moments in life.  There is nothing better and I think that is one of the times that I am MOST thankful for Jesus, the cross, and the salvation He offers.  We will all get to spend eternity in heaven together because we have all accepted Christ as our personal Savior...  Although we may not get to be neighbors in THIS life, we definitely will be in the next.

These priceless visits are a just a taste of what's to come...
and that is so sweet to know, especially when the days are long between visits.

Until then, however..
 we got to spend a few glorious days all together!  While we were there, we celebrated Van turning 3 and Rylie and Sadie turning 4 by taking them to see their favorite person on tv... 

Here is Wade and Nathan...
who brought flowers to their favorite little girls.
They got dressed up, rang the doorbell, handed the flowers to the girls,
and asked them to go on a date with daddy. 
This was truly a moment that I think the girls (and their moms) will remember FOREVER.

No words necessary.

A precious daddy with his beautiful blessings.

Tears in my eyes, lump in my throat.
My cup overflows.

Hahahaa, Callie's face = favorite!

My better half.  Really.

The stunning Sharbono's!!!!  So sweet!!

Picture time to document the greatest day ever!!  :)

On our wayyyyyyy
to the playyyyyy!!!!!

This is one very happy and very excited family!!

Off we go!

I love that Jenny is my sister...  she makes life SOOO fun!!!
Hezzy, you are the greatest, too!  I love our little family!!!  :)

Our big girls checking into the play!

Jenny is a big girl, too!!!  :)  Haaa!

Sooooo excitinggggg!!!!

Ready for a chim-chimerrie swinging time!!  :)

Can't wait to see Mary Poppins come flying in!

Adorable little girls ready to meet their new friends,
Jane and Michael Banks!! 

Almost show time!!!

Phenomenal playlist!


I had several pictures here from the play, but then I got scared about posting them on the web...so here is a just one.  You neeeeeed toooo goooo seeee it!!!!!!!!
It's seriously incredibleeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Kurt and Mandy had a big spoonful box of sugar
 ready and waiting for the girls after their big day!

One for each of the birthday girls!!
How stinking adorable!!!!

After having such an amazing weekend, we quickly went from fancy to farm-living.
Haa!  #lawnmowerscanbefourwheelers  #whoknew

Brother was very happy to get back home to his mud pit.  :)

What a sweeeeet time with the four Brinker siblings and their spouses.

God has abundantly blessed our little family...
may we always remember that this good and perfect gift,
the gift of each other,
is truly from above.


  1. I agree. Mandy and Kurt's house is the funnest.

  2. Why Nathan never brought me a daisy? He knows they are my favorite. #rude

  3. Oh, Lissie and Wade!! God has blessed your family so much!!!
    I love the garden and mud pictures...lots of fun on the farm for our grandbabies!!!

    Love to you all, Grammie and Pops


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