Friday, August 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Wade returned from his Alaska trip on Easter Sunday
 and we were dressed in full Cinderella gear to meet him at the gate!  :)
Here is our reunion after 10 very long days apart!

Do you think they look alike??  ;)

The Sharbono babies were so happy to see their daddy, too!
How adorable are their Easter outfits??

Immediately driving back to Pineville after picking up the boys in Baton Rouge, we went straight to our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt in Cottingham Forest!  Here is our favorite Shanny Baby, excited to see Vannie after being apart a whole week!

Our favorite Jon Jon and Brother!

Sweet Rylie Jean!

There were huge jumpers for the kids and we didn't think Savannah would be interested since it was SO big.  Wrong.  Vannie LOOOOOVED the jumper!  She did it again and again and again and was so very brave!!  We were so surprised and SO proud of her!

Super big girl!

She was very proud of herself!

 Sweet friends!

Our adorable football player!

Somebody is ready to hunt some eggs!

Getting lined up for our annual preschooler 2012 shot!


Happened to catch this...  and loved it!  Haa!!

Flashback to 2010:
Here was our preschooler shot!


And 2012.  "We are growing" may be an understatement.
Also, there will be a total of 8 babies born within the next 8 months.
You do the math.  Haa!

Love our babies! 

Another flashback:
Here is Sadie, Savannah, and Rylie in

 12 months later...

Ready to start their hunt!!! 

 Two years ago, this is how we were hunting eggs. Tearrrrr.
If you can't get enough, here is last year's Easter blog. It's unreal.

Once they started the hunt, they quickly opened up their eggs to find chocolates.
And ants. Haaa, Sadie's expression says it all!

Brother doesn't really get it yet.... 

Okay, okay, last pic from last year:
Sadie & Rylie then...

Sadie & Rylie now.  When did they become real people????

Uncle Wade teaching the girls what you're REALLY supposed to do with Easter eggs:

This. Obviously.  :))))

I think this greedy tail won the hunt!! 
Haa, we love our Trey!

A few last sweet shots from April::

As I read back over this post, I'm so thankful.  Thankful for my Jesus who defeated death and rose from the dead so that we can all know God and spend an eterenity with Him.  There is no greater gift. Live everyday with the purpose of bringing Him glory!
What a precious Savior we have!

I  was also overwhelmed with how much I love my family!  Holidays always make me appreciate what joy and fun my babies bring us.  Celebrating every day together is so sweet anyways, but seeing how my children are changing from one Easter to the next makes me realize how intentionally I should treasure each moment with them.  They are my heart.

Lastly, I was consumed with love for my husband. I love that Wade always wants to do whatever the kids are doing and be where they are... even if that means being exhausted at their little Easter egg hunt.  It's so important to him to be at their friends' birthday parties with them, their art camp meetings, sometimes even Mommy and Me playdates...  just so he can be with them. The Chick-Fil-A sandwhich afterwards doesn't hurt, either.  ;) He is so in love with our children and loves nothing better than being an active and consistent parent, friend, and teacher in their lives.
His love for his children intensely deepens my love for him...

 I am humbled and overwhelming thankful.

It's the little things.

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  1. Yayyy!!!!! Thank goodness it's now almost Easter 2013 hahaha!!


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