Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

March 29-April 7:  Wade took a mission trip back to Galena, Alaska!  So many wonderful things have happened because of this trip..  one of the biggest is that Wade felt called to start leading a Lifegroup Bible Study at our house!  Since we have moved, we have felt called to really start investing in our Deville community and as a part of that, we have a few friends who live in our area come over to the house on Wednesdays to eat and study the Bible together!  It has been WONDERFUL!!!  I can't even tell you how sweet it is to have such precious friends who love Jesus, love each other, and want to truly "do life together." It has changed our lives!!!  :)  So thank you to all the incredible missionaries in AK.  
You're a part of how God is changing LA.  :)

While Wade was away, I drove down to spend the week in Thibodaux!
Here is a quick pic of our first watermelon shoots before I left town!

One of the greatest parts of Thibodaux::
Grammie's POOL!!!!!

Sunscreen unibrow!!  Haa!

Brother before he had a mouthful of teeth!!

He is a jokester.  Just like his daddy!

Bath, bottle, and bed.  It works for the young and old, alike.
(Not that there is anyone old here.)  ;)

Mom's Mary Poppins Park!
(Since then, we have found another better, prettier, 
more friendly park to play in!  Right, Mom?!?  Haha!)

Brother was thirsty.

Fresh blackberries growing on the side of the bayou!!

Clouds reflected in that clear Louisiana water.  ;)

Wagon ride with Grammie & Pops!!

Nice glasses, Pops Grammie.  Haa!!

Brother found a bug!!!!!  (Story of my life!!)

Y'all!!!  Brother freaked out!!!!!  He wasn't saying any words at the time, but grunted like a MAN!  He couldn't stop pointing and stomping his foot!!  It was hystericaaaaaaal!

The cause of Brother's drama!

Beautiful Thibodaux!!!

As badly as I want to delete this picture bc of how crazy I look,
it had to stay.
I love my little girl.

Singing in the Rain shot!!!

My precious family:

Because every post needs a picture of food:
Mom and I made Dad a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday!

Our trip to the dock with all the girls!!

Savannah's cousin, Abigail, came to play!!

Hiding her bread so she didn't have to throw it to the ducks.  Ha!

Can you see all the baby ducklings????

The INCREDIBLE new children's section at the Thib library!!
Look at the mural!  The Acadian-style house!  The fleur-de-lis chairs!
Cajuns may not know how to read, but they at least know how to pretend!!!!
Hahaha!!  Seriously!!!  How amazing is this place????

Sadie and Rylie shopping at the Outlet!!!  Can't you see this same shot in 15 years??
Sooo precious!!

Melt. My. Heart.

Dress up time at Nana and Paw's house!!!!!

Granny Lou and her youngest boo boo boy!

The baby Easter bunnies::

This was at the airport, sending our church friends off to AK!!

My incredibly handsome woodsman.
There is something about that scruff that gets me every time.  ;)

As always, our trips to Thibodaux are packed with coffee, 
late night talks, and baking for me...
pool time, dress up, and walks for the kids.
It's so wonderful to go back there...

But I must admit there is no place like home
and that is where ever in the world my Wadie is.

It's good to be home.

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  1. Love all the pictures! The one of you and Van is beautiful! You dont take bad pics!


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