Monday, August 20, 2012

Landry Faith Knotts

We have had an incredible amount of friends get pregnant this year and I am OVER THE MOON excited!!!!!!!!  I love this stage of life where we have all seen each other fall in love, get married, get settled...  and are now starting to begin families!
Our precious neighbors/cousins/friends, Casey and Alan, found out the gender of their baby and then had a precious gender reveal party to announce to their friends and family what Baby Knotts was going to be!!!

Will it be pink??  Or will it be blue??

Pink and blue cookies...
where one of them has been filled with either pink OR blue icing!!

The spread!!

Brother trying to figure out if his cookie is the one to spill the beans!

Playing the right and left game!!  Who will end up with the RIGHT cookie???
(Actually, KARA did!!  The pregnant lady in the orange shirt!  Pregnant momma's unite!)  :)

The precious parents, who are having a GIRL, with Casey's sister!

We are soooo happy for our sweet friends and absolutely cannot wait to meet our newest little friend, Miss Landry Faith!  Landry, you are prayed for, appreciated, and loved already.  You have the sweetest parents and I can't wait for all our parties/sleepovers/walks down the neighborhood!  You are such a little miracle and knowing you is going to be such a blessing.  It will be like looking at God's very own fingerprint.  You are so precious and we love you!!!!!!!

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  1. Lis!!! We all love you so much! This post is wonderful! Thank you for being a great neighbor/cousin/friend! Love you!


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