Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mrs. Shannon Reynolds

This summer, one of our greatest friends in the world got married!!!
Shanny Baby found her favorite little firefly and decided to keep him around!  We are so happy for our sweet little friend and getting to celebrate with her was one of the best parts of this summer!!
  In May, we had a bridal shower at Shannon's parents house and it was such a blast!!
Here are a few shots from Shan's wedding  festivities!!

Candace, Hez, and Megan!

Shanny and her most favorite person in the world, Mrs. Mary Jo!!!  :)

The sweets!

Nana, Meggie, and Baby Bunnyyyyyy!!!

Cutie little MRS. KEES!!!!

The salty!!

Playing games!!  This was HILARIOUS!!

Have you seen a more adorable little woman EVER???? 
She is so precious!!

Making a wedding dress out of tissue paper!!!
Hezzy, why you didn't wear this for your wedding????  :)

Cutie little brides!!!!
Obviously, Shanny won!!

Flowers for the wedding day!!!!  Here are a few pictuers of the wedding prep!


Beautiful bridal woman right before her rehearsal dinner!!

3 buckets of fresh blueberries to use for the homemade pancakes at the reception!

Mrs. Bonnie threw Shannon a Bridal Brunch the morning of her wedding and it was the sweetest, most feminine little thing!  I had the absolute best time (even though I made poor Meggie horribly sick after going 90 miles an hour over a bumpy hill.  Sorrrrryyyyy, Meggieeeee and bunnyyyyyy!!)
Here is the precious tablescape!

Sweet wreath and banner!  How cute!!

Punch!  My favorite part of ANY shower!! 

The precious burlap silverware holder that Mrs. Bonnie made!!

Cinderella's glass slipper sat on top of everyone's plate!  Seriously???

The shrimp and grits!  Phenomenal!

An asparagus quiche!  So fancy!!

Chocolate chip scones!! 

June 9, 2012
Shanny Baby getting her hair did on her WEDDING DAY!!!!! :)

Perfect wedding hair!!!! Getting ready at our new house with all the girls was such a sweet time!
  It was so wonderful and seeing Shanny so happy is something I'll remember forever! 

Stunning bride, ready to say, "I DO!!!"

Setting up the party!  :)

Savannah had the honor of being the flower girl and this was her wedding hair!!
How amazing!!!

Vannie and her favorite Aunt Meggie!!!!

3 generations!

Me and my best little man!  :)

Grammie and her babies!

Loved getting to celebrate Shan's wedding day with my Meggie!!

Love the matchy matchy!  Our husbands are so cool. :)

Our baby Shanny is getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Hezzy with beatiful Callie!

Sweet friends right before ceremony time!!!

Delicious cupcakes that were a HIT!
Shan and Jon - hope you enjoy your little frozen one in the freezer next June!  ;)

Chocolate, peanut butter, and white chocolate chips for the pancakes!
And such adorable platters!  So fun!!

Love these cupcake toppers I worked so hard on.  ;)

Shanny Baby, I can't tell you how thankful I am that the Lord brought you and Jon together!  To find one's perfect half that fits them so perfectly and completely is such a fascinating, unbelieveable blessing. I am so happy for you and am praying that you and Jon continue to seek the Lord throughout all the situations married life will bring.  The closer you walk with the Lord, the closer you will get to Jon.  Remember, it's not love that sustains the marriage.  It's marriage that sustains the love.  You've comitted to be Jon's wife for the rest of your life.  Rest in the fact that the Lord brought you two together and has amazing, incredible, magnificent plans for your lives as one flesh.  You and Jon are a picture of Christ and the church...  love each other accordingly.  I love you and am so happy to see YOU so happy. Y'all are precious.  And you make one dang good wheat crust pizza.  ;) 
Love youuuuu. 


  1. Awwww, this made me tear up!!! Sweet Shanny baby is all grown up!!!!!! What a wonderful weekend!! It was so fun getting to spend SO MUCH TIME together, even if you did try to make me puke with your crazy driving! Hahahaha!!

  2. Yayyyy!!!! So so thankful for your sweet friendship! Proud to call you a BFF!!

  3. Thank goodness you still blog so that I can at least see what your sister's children look like!


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