Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Savannah Turns 3!

Who has the words to describe what this little girl means to me??
My firstborn.  My best friend. My pride and joy.
The one who was there when Wade and I were new to being married, learning how to be a family.
The one who has the sweetest laugh and the most genuine little smile.
The sunshine that brightens each and every one of my days.

My 7 pound 7 ounce baby has turned into my 3 year old baby girl.
How is my heart breaking and overflowing all at the same time??

Our little helper loves being outside with Daddy and Brother...
here she is planting seeds a few days before she turned the big girl THREE!

Time for bubbles!!!!!

Brother adores his sister.  He watches her and copies everything she does.
He lights up when he sees her and makes this super sweet excited gasp... as if to say,
Yaaayyy for Sissy.  She is my favorite.  :)

Playing together...

... and dancing together, too!
Savannah still says that she will marry her brother, her Prince Charming, one day.
I know eventually I will have to correct her...  but not for a very long time.  ;)

On May 10, Savannah's actual birthday, we celebrated with a few close friends and family with a grill-out and dessert at the new house!!  It was sooo wonderful and such a sweet time for Vannie's big day!

Savannah opening her presents..
with lots of help from her cousins! 

Did I mention Vannie loves dress-up??  She could stay in a princess dress all day, every day.

I will miss the days when she is too big for princess dresses.
  Can she be my little princess forever???

Hahaaaa, you can always count on Callie on partaking of the birthday food!!

Vannie and her best friends..  really!
(It reminds me of this story that I love!  At Smarties, our preschooler's art camp this summer, we were learning about bugs!  The teacher asked the class what their favorite bugs were and the kids went around the room, saying things like, "Caterpillar!  Butterfly!"  It was a day that the twins were not there and when it was Savannah's turn to name her favorite bug, she replied without hesitating,  "My Sadie-bug."  If that doesn't say "BEST FRIEND EVER!" I don't know what does!  :)

I'm not sure why Van always has dirt on her face...
but she sure makes for a pretty little street urchin! 

Birthday wagon ride!!!

Loving Sadie's face!!!  Hahaaa!!

We all can fit!!!!!!

Because I'm trying to keep the birthday MONTH-long celebration alive, we celebrated Savannah's birthday again at lifegroup!  It is unbelieveable how many people love our little girl...
I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!!!

Because you know I love blasts to the past::
Savannah on her birthday in 2009!
Link to her birthday:: The Party Has Arrived

Savannah turning 1!!
Link to her first birthday:: Savannah Turned ONE

Savannah turning 2!!
Link to her second birthday:: Savannah Turned TWO

Yaaaayyyyyy!!!  Happy THIRD Birthday, Poonyas!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my little girl.  Only You could know how much we love her.  She means SO much to us and I am so humbled that you would allow Wade and I to be her parents.  There are not enough praises in the world to appropriately tell you how marvelous, how great You are...  May our lives be evidence of our love for you.  Make us worthy, Father. Create in us a pure heart that desires You and allow us a life that shows her what it means to love and serve You.  Call her to be Yours, Jesus!  Let her come to know you as her Savior at an early age and may she walk with You all the days of her life.  You are the only thing in life that matters.  Help us to teach her that.  Mold her.  Mold us. Hold our family in Your precious, precious hand and never let us go.  We want to be wholly Thine.
 I love you, Father, beyond words. 


  1. I cried reading this post...can I just blame the hormones?!?! Haha!! My sweet Van is all grown up!! Next she will be dating and then getting married and having babies! Ahhhh. Where does the time go??? Hahaha. I love your sweet family!!


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