Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Here is a draft I found from a few months ago that I had never published..
Most of what we did in March was plant roots... literally.
We started up a garden!!!!!
It seems strange to be blogging about planting our garden since we have already reaped its yummy rewards and now most of it has died.  It was sooo fun to watch our little seedlings grow up and produce vegetables!!!  We ate lots of fresh tomatoes, squash, and zucchini this summer...  there is nothing like eating homegrown vegetables that have been made with three ingredients:: dirt, water, and sun. We also had a little watermelon patch and that was soooo fuuuun watching little melons pop up everywhere. Unfortunately, very few of them got super big and the best one we had rotted while we were away on vacation. Saaad.  If only Shanny Baby somebody would have come tended our garden....  ;)  Haa!

Now, we are sooo excited to start up our fall garden..  
I'm just going to need the Lord to help me with a little more watering this time around.  :)

Here are a few snapshots from our neck of the woods::

One last shot of Kelli & Troy's lot without a house on it!!!!!!!
(They are moving in THIS Friday!!!!!  Ahhhh!!)

Almost 3 big girl years old.

Brother's favorite snack:  Dirt.

Thank you, Jesus, for our home!!!!!
I love the storm building up in the background...
and knowing how safe and cozy the house will be on the inside.

Our seeds to plant!!!!!

After all of the rain in February, 
Wade tilled up the wet mud and put some fertilizer in there... 
and then began to plant.

Seriously??  Have you seen a cuter farmer in your life??!?!?

Wittle baby tomato plant!

Mulching to keep the ground wet and the weeds out!
(Looks pretty.  Doesn't work. #learninglessons)

Back row of tomatoes.
Middle row of bell peppers.
Front rows of squash and zucchini.
Best seat in the house: watching these babies GROW!

Adorable little man with his adorable little plot.

And this is a sign of a hardworking man.  :)

We were so proud of our little garden!!!!
I think living off the land means that we have officially settled in. :)


  1. Yay for the update. You must have horrible neighbors who let your watermelons die. Ahhhh sorry! Love you!


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