Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Summer + Babies = ADVENTURES!!!!
Summer 2012 has been filled with lots of time playing in the hose at our new house (YAYYY! Finally, the kids can play in their own backyard!!), growing our summer garden (remember those baby pictures a few posts back??  Wait until you see what it looked like in full bloom!), and trips to Alexandria to see our favorite Uncle Nathan hard at work at the Loisiana Safety Expo!

Here are a few of my favorite things! 
Blasting Brother with the water!  Haa!

Frozen yogurt on my chinny-chin-chin!

Watering the garden with her new elephant watering can!  :)

Ahhhhh!!!!  This is our zucchini!!!  It grew from a seed!!!
This was soooo exciting!!!

Our baby watermelon patch... that quickly took over the whole garden!  Ha!

Squash and zucchinis!!
Or as Van calls it, "Squash and bikinis."

Our very first harvest!!  :))))
And it was the best dang zucchini we had ever tasted!!!  :)))

Uncle Nathan worked the Safety Expo and we spent a day with him and playing with all the fun safety equipment.  (I like to be friends with the State Police.. And by the amount of times they pull me over, it seems they are working really hard to be my friend, too.) ;)
Cutie little Rylie!

Ireland came to play!

Beautiful Callie!!

Sweet Sadie!!

Sneaky Savannah!

Adorable Andrew!

Board meeting with the little sargeants.

State Police Chopper! 
I sure could use this thing every now and then when I need to make those trips to Shreveport to visit my daughter-in-law!!!  :)

They look half excited and half petrified.  Hahaaa!

Wouldn't you feel so much better if you saw these 4 beauties coming to your rescue??

You know what I've noticed??  I've talked a lot about loving being a stay at home mom for all the big moments that I get to be a part of...  the first words, first steps, first time sleeping in a big bed... all the major accomplishments.  What I've come to recognize this summer is that I love being a stay at home mom for the smaller achievements.  They are just as important and just as cherished as those big moments...  and maybe even a tad bit sweeter because they are such bright moments during the daily grind.  I get to watch Andrew dance in my dirt piles after I'm finished sweeping.  I get to see him become so proud of himself when he throws something away or when he splashes in the tub and the water sprays into his face...  the huge smile and the round of applause he gives himself are priceless moments. I get to watch Van become a little woman, helping me water the garden or snuggling with Brother in the mornings or telling me how she will take good care of him when Wade and I aren't there.  She loves to help me cook, she loves to help me clean, she loves to talk and have real-life conversations with me about her day, about Jesus, about my friends, about her friends.  The relationship I have with my children is something I wouldn't trade for any dream house, any new car, any high-dollar pay check.  How could I trade something of eternal value for something so trivial, so minute??  It's not always smiles and giggles, but it is ALWAYS love and loyalty, friendship and trust.  Those daily achievements, those little things...  it's a big part of why I'm a stay at home mom. 

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  1. Anddddd the speech at the end made me tear up. You are such a great mom, Lis!! I just adore you and your kids. Now go have some more. : ) And yes, please ask if we can use the chopper to cut down on time between Pineville/Shreveport. I mean, it would probably save them money, too, because then they wouldn't have to pull you over every single time!!


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