Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's Saturdays

One super sweet part of having kids is all the fun birthday parties we get to be a part of, especially during the summer!!  Here are a few shots from our friend, Claire's, birthday party in May!

Two little bears on the baby jumper!


Brother loved the swings!

Brother practicing for when he will be driving Savannah around on her dates.

Claire's mom, Emmy, always does the most amazing birthday parties!
She goes ALL out and puts so much work and effort into each of her parties!
It's guaranteed to be an AWESOME event every.single.time.

Minnie Mouse cupcakes!

Homemade Minnie Mouse pancakes!

I missed it, but there was a number 3 candle that was really a sparkler!
Best topper EVER!

Hezzy flashing her new bling while feeding Brother!

Happy THIRD birthday, Shylah Claire!

Brother's new kissy/duck face!  Haaa!  I love it every time!

On Mondays, a lot of us get together for Mommy and Me.
One Monday morning, we took a field trip through a firetruck!
Is that Uncle Justin??????  Oh. Nope.  ;)

Sweet friends who love their Monday mornings together!

We are such huge fans of Chick-Fil-A,
they even sent out their cow to tell us HELLO!

Meggggg!!!!  Won't Justin be so proud of his little firewoman????

Absolutely adorable!!!

So Brother fell off of the swing at our house and busted up his face.  :(  Worst mom moment everrrrr.  But I still think he is the most handsome little thing in the world, even with all the scars!  :)
(Thankfully, everything has healed up very, very nicely!)

Nurse Poole in pint-size.

Summer's  Saturdays with my kids...
there is nothing better.

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  1. Awww, the firetruck field trip is SO adorable!! Can't wait to do that with our kids someday! And the Minnie Mouse party was SO adorable!


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