Monday, August 20, 2012

The New Poole House!

Wade's family recently bought a condo up at Toledo Bend and y'all!  It is so cute, so comfy, and so fun to have a quick get-away that's under 2 hours away! The first time we visited was right around our 4th wedding anniversary, June 14!  Wade and I had a romantic night of spicy crawfish and fried pickles, followed by a weekend of boating on the lake...  It was an absolute blast and I can't wait for you all to come with us!!!!!!

Fant's Crawfish.  Best.thing.ever

The cutie little condo!

One of the 5 porches.  And I'm not kidding!  Haa!

Ready for their campout!

Heading out on a tour!

Love family vacations!
(Especially when they are free!)  :)

Meet Freddie the Fox who greets everyone as they ride around the camp site!
Seriously!  We see him everytime!  Savan is obsessed!  :)

Did I mention there is a golf course??  Beautiful!!

The poooooooool!

Pooles Rule.
Yes. Yes they do.  ;)

Pool House!  This is where I stayed most of the time with a book...
In the shade. 

This is screaming, "JENNNNN!!!"

I am so my mom.  I love the landscaping!!!

View from the condo!!

Beautiful Husband invited me to go on a hike with him!!! 

How cute and quaint is this??

Picture. Perfect.

As fun as this looks, it was actually swarming with wasps.

Scenery on our walk!

Entrance to the Prayer Garden!

There are rocks with Scripture verses engraved on them all throughout the Prayer Garden!

An old fountain in the center of the garden!
So pretty!!!

Posing with the angels...


I found my favorite verse!!

Mom thinks this is what heaven will smell like...  Gardenias!

Somebody is building a house there
and this is their back porch...

...and this is their view!

Love adventures with my bear!

Food.  Duh.
Wade's Club Sandwich!

My Southwestern Salad!  Phenomenal!

On our way out...
Who even knew this gorgeous place was in LA???

We can't wait to go back and bring all of you with us!!  Seriously, it was so fun and there is tons of room for everyone!!  Let's pick a weekend and go!  :)

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