Friday, September 14, 2012

Emory Grace Mackey

My dreams have come true!!!!!!!!!
My best friend forever, Megan, is HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
I have begged Meg forever to give me a baby and ahhhhhh,
she will finally deliver in January!!  I am beyond excited and am so looking forward to a meeting, playing, and watching my newest baby girl grow up!
On August 17, Megan and Justin had a gender reveal party!!!  We loaded up the car and headed to Shreveport!! After getting pulled over (which is apparently tradition for EVERY trip I make there.. ughhhhh!) and having a little shopping spree at the Boardwalk, we arrived at Meg's precious party!!
Here is Jenny and Andrew
who were both on TEAM BLUE!!

The sign-in table...

Since day 1, Savannah has been on TEAM PINK!
("Meggie is having a girl and her name is Aurora.")  ;)

 Oh my gosh, seriously???
Absolutely adorable!
Fire ducky for Daddy..
Nurse ducky for Mommy!!!!

Looooving all the details!

Duck or Hen...  ahhhhh!!!  Hahaha, how cute!

Precious diaper cake!!
Water bottle labels... most adorable thing everrr!!!

We were soooo excited during the entire party... we could NOT stop laughing and cheering and squealing!!!  It was soooo loud and sooo girly and sooo fun!!!!! 
Seriously, one of the best nights of my life!!!!!

I ate half of these by myself. 

 I love my babyyyyyyy!  And Meg.

Crocheted fireman for Baby Mackey!  So sweet!

The reunited A-list.  ;)
With the 3 newest additions!!!

 Jenny and Meggie!

The greatest friends in the entire world.
They are so precious and I truly treasure each one!
Going through all of these momentous life events together is a blessing beyond what we could have imagined...  Jesus knew we needed each other and they just make life so much sweeter.
We are actual, really, TRULY best friends for life.
(I'm loving the guy in the back, too!  Haa!)

Pink and blue bottles all filled with black tissue paper...
and stuffed inside one was a piece of pink or blue paper!!
Playing the right/left game! Everyone was soooo ecstatic!

Savannah and Andrew waiting to find out which one gets a date to prom!

Mommy Meggie reading the right and left story!

Finding out it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin cracks me up here because of his hands in his ears...  it was SO loud!!!! 
Haha, Megan's mom and I (and really ALL the girls!) could NOT stop screaming!!!!!

Soooooo happppyyyyy for the Mackeyyyyys!

Congratulations to our Meggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Alyse has a new niece!!!


The proud new parents of Miss Emory Grace!!!!!

Andrew cannot wait to meet his wife in January!!!!!!!

I can't put into words how excited I am that Meg will be a mommy!  It's so strange to have seen the ways we have changed and KINDA matured over the last 8 years. :)  From meeting fresh out of high school, staying up 4 years straight without sleeping, watching her meet Justin, standing beside her as she married him, pouting that they settled down in Shreveport, and now finally watching them become parents has been some of the sweetest joys of my life! You just can't make these friendships up... they are straight from God's heart. 

Miss Emory Grace, I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF!  I am soooooo happy that you are arriving to join our never-ending, always-squealing, loud, boisterous, crazy party!! I am so looking forward to holding you for hours and watching my two babies terrorize you...  You are beyond precious to me and I love you so much already!  I am praying that you ask Jesus into your heart at an early age and that you love and serve Him all the days of your life.  It's the only way to live an abundant life with full joy...  and that's what I want for you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you!!  We can start planning your sleepovers in Pineville the moment you're born...  ;)


  1. New follower thanks to Megan's blog! :) Loved her party and love your blog!


  2. This is the most amazing post ever!!!! That really was one of the best nights of my life and I can't imagine not sharing life with y'all!!!! You have been such an amazing mom role model to me raising Van and Andrew and I just can't wait to finally have my own little baby to love!! Thank you for being my best friend and for loving Emory so much already!!!! : )

  3. I totally love that picture of Van on the trampoline. She looks like she is really listening/watching and waiting to find out if baby was a boy or a girl! Good thing she's a girl...I don't think our little boy would have liked being called Princess Aurora!! Haha!!

  4. Okay, I'm done. : ) On to New York.


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