Friday, September 7, 2012

Mrs. Emillie Mullis

At the end of July, we celebrated our last wedding of the summer for our sweet friend, Emillie Collins...  and it was absolutely breathtaking!!!  The twins and Callie were the flower girls, so it was so neat to watch them be a part of Em's big day!  This wedding was one of the most classy, original, and creative ceremonies I've ever seen!  Here are a few pictures of the wedding day: Pinterest style!
Arriving at Em's parents house!

Lovely little entrance!

The wedding aisle!

Precious little Grammie with Brother!

So sweet!!!!

I look a little crazy... but Brother is so cute!  :)

Stunning centerpieces! I loooove the books and the bottles...
and fresh flowers make everything better!

Pavilion by the pool.  Dream. House.

You know this was the first sign that caught my eye!  ;)

Hellooo, adorable.
Reception area..  seriously??


So flipping cute!!!

Sadly, my pictures of the girls walking down the aisle were not very good, but you can see Callie here... with the BIGGEST smile ever!!!  She is such a ham!

The gorgeous bride!

I love Zach's face!!!!

Oh my goodness, so precious!

Dance party time!!!!!

Can I write like this, please??

One of my FAVORITE parts!!!!
Tabasco sauce and peaches to go! So Louisiana! So precious!!!


You signed your name into a dictionary!!  So fun!!

Okay, so I thought this may just be the sweetest thing ever.  During the first dance, I found Savannah standing in the background, just staring and watching the married couple.  She was enthralled.  Emillie looked like a princess, and I know that Savannah was absorbing every detail of this incredible night!  It really was just like a fairytale... it had the perfect ambience and it made Savannah so happy.  Which made me so happy.  :)

Leave it to Shan to teach Brother how to do the stanky leg.  Hahahaha!

They really are bff!!  :)))

Hitting up the dance floor!

Haa!!  I think this picture is SO awesome!!!  

Em and the cutest little man...

And this was our view as we left...
with everybody dancing into the night.
It was amazing.  

A perfect wedding to end an incredible summer.
All of the sweetest and best wishes in the world to
Mr. & Mrs. Mullis!


  1. what a beautiful & fun wedding!
    hope you have a great weekend!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  2. Oh, Melissa!! What a picture perfect wedding - outdoors under God's beautiful creation with all glory to Jesus!

    This was just beautiful...
    Love you, Mom


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