Saturday, September 29, 2012

New York Finale!

 Sunday, August 26, 2012 -
Our last full day in New York City!
After the Natural History Museum, we cut across Central Park to get to the MET!
 Love how beautiful this is!

You can understand why so many people are obsessed with Central Park when it has views like this!

We passed 2 weddings happening at the exact same time while walking through the Park!

The NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art!!!!!

 Ready to experience the Met!

Such a cutie little husband, just going to NY museums with his wifey!!!

 Thinking with Socrates.

Thinking harder with Socrates.

Constantine!!  The first Christian emporer of Rome!

Here's a little culture for you::
"With an apple, I want to astonish Paris." - Paul Cezanne, 1891-92
'Still Life with Apples and Pears'

'Study for "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte' - Georges Seurat, 1884

"Water Lilies" - Claude Monet, 1899

Sculpture of John the Baptist!

Wade and I in Egypt!

While the Met was pretty fascinating, there was just so.much.stuff. It became overwhelming after a few hours there, so while it was so interesting and we are so glad we went, it felt good to get out into the fresh air and see the modern New York City!!

Back at FAO Shwartz!!!!  How beautiful is this!!!

Get in my mouth!!!!!!!!!

The famous piano!!!

We finally made it to the Stardust Diner for our last dinner in Times Square!

Obviously, I had to get the Frank Sinatra Pizza Burger....

...because look who was over our booth!!!!

Yes, I cleaned my plate!

Wade's mushroom and bacon burger was delicious, too!!!!
How cute is this??  It's so that you know you're in the Fashion District!

Macy's!!!!!!!!  Look how huge it is!!!  It's an entire block long and several stories high!!!  Ahhhh!

Of course, we had to go as far into Madison Square Garden as we could and take pictures!!
And of course, Wade started cracking jokes about how "he grew up at the gahrdehn."  Hahahaha!!!  So funny!!

This reminded him of {insert best Brooklyn accent here} back in '86 when him pop brought em to dah gahrdehn.  ;)))))

We loved being lazy our last night in NYC!  Eventually, we made it back to our hotel and just slowly walked around, taking in the last of the sights.  Here I am, outside of our hotel, spelling:


{Somehow I forgot the N, but you get the idea!} ;)

After buying the New York Times so that I could always go back and remember what happened in NY the week we were there, we walked around the corner and found this!  The NY Post Office!  Why are all of their buildings SO beautiful?!?!

My last picture of NYC at dusk.

There was a Lindy's Cheesecake attached to our hotel, so we felt it only was right to indulge in NY cheesecake one last time.

Bluberry Cheesecake...
Ehhhh, it was good, but it can't touch Junior's!  I'm ruined forever!!!!!  Haaa!

My breakfast for in the morning.
Don't you think this is so appropriate??
A NY apple while leaving the Big Apple.
I loved the pun and had to do it.  ;)

 Monday, August 27...
Time to fly home!
Here we are on the AirBus...  after we left the Amtrack and before we got on the Airport Shuttle.  NYC airports are MUCH more complicated than those in Lafayette!  Haaa!

Arriving in Houston!!!!!!!!
Hello, G.W. Bush!

Last meal of our trip::  Fudrucker's!!!

First, can I say this is a trip I will never, never, NEVER forget?!?  I feel like we have truly tasted and experienced New York City!!  I know we hardly scratched the surface of all the things there are to do there, but for a first time trip, I think we did pretty good.  :)  While my heart is certainly here in Louisiana, I can definitely say NY is a fabulous place to visit and I am soooo looking forward to telling everyone about my adventures there and planning my return trip back!!!  We've decided we are all going back when Meg turns 40.  Look for us back here in 2025.  ;)
I love you, Wade Poole!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It's so true what they say.
There really is NO place like home...

After seeing this slogan EVERYWHERE for 5 days straight, I have to close out our trip with it.... 
I heart


  1. Okay, the first comment I have to make is...what is wrong with Constantine?? He looks a little scary. Whew. Sorry, God, not judging. And y'all stayed there for several hours??? #poorwade #goodhubby

    I can't wait to go for my 40th!!! Ahhhhh!!! Are all the kids coming, too?? By then y'all will probably have 20, so y'all better start saving now!! : ) Emory just kicked and that meant: "I heart NY!" See, she's ready already!!

  2. Oh Lissie and Wade! I have been there too just through your pictures. I love the artifacts from Egypt! I though I had to go to the Middle East to see that, but maybe I will just go to the North East?? HA

    I am glad you are back at home sweet home! Trips to New York are fun, but we all love having you and Wade HERE!!


  3. When meg is 40 we will all have at least two kids.... Weird.

  4. what a wonderful trip to ny! i definitely think an apple and a piece of cheesecake are necessary when you are in ny along with a hot dog, a pretzel and a slice of pizza!


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