Saturday, September 29, 2012

New York II - Wicked!

After a full Friday, we went back to the hotel to start getting ready for our first Broadway play!!!!
Here we are with our tickets to Wicked!!!

On the way to the play, I just had to try a NY pretzel!!!!
Do I look like I fit into New York?!?!?  :)

Here we are again on the big screen in Times Square!!!  See us??  In the middle towards the left!!  I'm waving.  :)

We ran across this little diner and had heard so much about it, we knew we had to come back!!!
We made it!!!!!!!!!!

The gorgeous Gershwin Theatre!!!

Welcome to Munchkinland!!!

The original chair the Wizard of Oz used in the first plays on Broadway!!

So everybody knows I love old movies, especially musicals!  Well, y'all...  the theatre had cases and cases of old movie props and scripts and pictures...  It was amazing!!!!!  I got to tell Wade about every single old actor and actress that I recognized and their life story and what movies they were in, etc...  He loved it, I could tell.  ;)  So apparently, actresses would apply their blush with a rabbit's foot! This specific "brush" was sent from a husband to his wife on her opening night at the theatre!!! 
Seriously?!?  How precious!!!  A little creepy, but definitely precious!!
Ahhhhhh, Hez!!!!  Look at this!!!

The stage when we walked in!!!!!

Can I just tell you how amazing this play was?!?!  The music was unbelieveable, the actors were phenomenal, the singing was perfect, and the story was ahhhhhhhhhhh, unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo excited to be at our first NY play on BROADWAYYYYY!!!!!!
I left the theatre with my mouth hanging open...  This play was one of the most thrilling highlights of our NY trip!! I canNOT wait to go back and do it all over again!!!!  :)
Afterwards, we walked the streets of New York..
Here is Times Square at night!!!!! 
When I saw this in the window of Cafee Bene, I knew I would need to stop in and get myself a little treat.  This looks soooo yuuuum!

A Vanilla Frap.  Perfect for a night out on the town!  :)
While we were in Times Square, we had to go to the two-story Disney store that was loaded with everything princess!!!  I just had to take a picture of Cinderella's carriage for Savannah!!!!  :)

And Wade felt like he needed a picture like Snow White WITH Snow White..  HAHA!!!
Close, hunny, you're so close!!!

You would never know it was midnight here!!

It's true..  New York is the city that NEVER sleeps. 

However, we enjoy our sleep, so we headed back to the hotel to rest up for our first Saturday in New York City!!!  :)


  1. That picture of wadie and snow is REALLY cracking me up! It should be framed!!!!!!!!

  2. Ahhhhh I want to go!!!!! Wicked (the book version) was SO good! I bet the play was fabulous!! That pretzel is almost as big as your face. Haha.


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