Thursday, September 20, 2012

New York II

New York. Day 2.
Aaaand GO!

 After one short night of rest, we were up and ready for 7 AM on Friday morning!!  We didn't want to waste a moment!  On our way out of the door, the hotel desk clerk handed us an envelope with some very familiar handwriting...  

We had a surprise from Shanny Baby and Jon Jon!  They sent us a gift card to a local NY coffee shop, Joes!  It was such a sweet surprise and we couldn't wait to see the latte art NY could create.  :)

Breakfast: Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel from the streets of New York.
Wade loved it.  I did NOT.  Haa!  Not my favorite!

Once we came out of the subway, we saw this huge building and thought this was where you go to get to the Statue of Liberty....

Forcing myself to finish breakfast before our ferry ride!

Manhattan Ferry to Staten Island! 

 My first skyline shot from the ferry!  See the tallest building on the left??  The twin towers were just to the right of that...

Excited about our first ferry ride!

The Statue of Libertyyyyy!!
(And it was right about now that we realized we were NOT on the Statue of Liberty Ferry.... Haa!)

So we did get to see Staten Island for a whole 15 minutes waiting for the return ferry to Manhattan!

On our return trip back..  and right before we heard about the Empire State Building shootings!

Back on the right side of the river and heading to the Lady Liberty ferry, we ran across this funny little thing and decided that Nathan needs one!!  Haa!

 Battery Park!
(See anything missing??  Where is the grass!?!?!)

 The line to the ferry...  ahhh!!!  No matter where you go, there are ALWAYS so. many. people.

Weird statues on the way to the ferry...

 This was a once-in-a-lifetime moment... seeing the lovely Lady Liberty for the first time in real life.
It was amazing....  I still have goosebumps.

If anything every happens to the Statue of Liberty, Wade could totally take her place.  :)

 So beautiful.  I didn't expect to love her as much as I did, but she was seriously awesome.

One of my favorite pictures from NYC::

So immediately after the Statue of Liberty, we went to Ellis Island.. but somehow my pictures got really confused right here and they all scrambled.  So this is all on the same day, just not in the order we did them in.  Which is kinda killing me, but I will try to be okay with it.  :)
Here we are in a whole other world, better known as the "Subway." It was intense!  We were always uncertain if we were getting on the right on, but we hopped on and hoped for the best.  And guess what??  We didn't get on a single wrong ride!!  We totally got this.  :)

Randomly walking through the NY streets, we came across this...

It was a hugeeeee fence covered in tiles from people all over the world, encouraging the people of NY after 9/11.  Sooo neat.

Who wants to go to school at NYU????
Close by to NYU is this adorable little place that Wade and I saw featured on the Food Network Channel a loooong time ago...  once upon a time when we had cable.  :)  When we watched it, I remembered thinking that we had to go one day!  And we did!!!!! 

Wade's Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Fluff sandwhich!!  Y'all!! 
Even the chips were made out of peanut butter!!! Everything was so delicious!

Before we left for New York, I knew I wanted to stop at every coffee and cupcake shop that we passed.  While I couldn't really do that because not only would I be the size of a house... with the shakes, but because there was literally a cupcake or coffee house RIGHT in between the other cupcake and coffee houses.  They just alternated back and forth all the way down the street!  There were so manyyyyyy, but we had heard about this DC Cupcake shop in Soho. 
So we obviously found ourselves here:
Shhhh, listen...  do you hear the angels singing?!?!?!  ;)
This was sitting in the cupcake kitchen.  Whyyyy isn't it sitting in MYYYYY kitchen????

I went lemon...

Wade went chocolate...
And together, it was a beautiful thing.  :)
I can't even begin to explain how good these were....
Truly the best cupcake of my life!!!!!!!  I don't think I'll ever forget the taste!!!
Sitting on the streets of Soho, shoving in a delicious cupcake.
Is there anything better?!??!!  Haaa!!

Another cutie little cupcake shop, Baked by Melissa!!
I never got to go, but it's on my list when we make our return trip!!

Jen, this is for youuuuu.  Fresh bread.... ahhh, heaven!!!!


So Chinatown stunk.  Seriously.  It smelled so bad, I wasn't sad when we went through it pretty quickly!  The shopping was kinda fun, though!  Neither Wade nor I are hagglers, but I should learn the art!  It was pretty neat to watch people do it!
This was just one of the smelly, fresh fish markets!

Little Italy was just precious!!
It was filled with cafes with outside dining areas and Italian music playing in the background!

Of course, while we were there, we had to go see the World Trade Center Site...

At the North Tower. It was so quiet and so reverant.  All you could hear was the rushing water pouring down into the center.  Incredible.
Where the South Tower was...


The Survivor Tree!  Apparently, this tree was planted close to the Twin Towers and was the only tree to remain standing after their collapse.  Someone rescued it and brought it to a tree farm to be nursed back to health.   Since then, it has been uprooted in a tornado and thrown onto a fence, replanted, and then struck by lightning.  Now it is re-replanted at the WTC site.  Such an amazing story!!

There is a man who shines this everyday while telling the people all the details of 9/11.  It's his passion to make sure no one forgets...

Like I said, my pictures are a little mixed up...
but we made it to WALL STREET!

Across from the New York Stock Exchange was this:

And it's where George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States!!!
How amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
St. Paul's Chapel..  which is known as, "The Little Chapel That Stood!"  It was right across the street from the Twin Towers and was the only building nearby that wasn't demolished!

Did I mention that this is where George Washington went to church???

As you walk in..

 Looking towards the back...

Notes from school children from around the world:

George Washington's chair on his Inauguration Day!!!!!!!!!

A bucket that is likely to have helped save St. Paul's Chapel from the Great Fire of 1776!!!
Ohhh, I love history, LOVE it!!!
Fireman's uniform from 9/11.

Metal beams from the towers... forming a cross.

Someone started making these teddy bears and sending them to the NY police and fireman.  Others thought, "What would grown men do with teddy bears??" The plaque states that you wouldn't believe how much this meant to them.  Grown men would grab a teddy bear and just hold it, tears in their eyes...  It REALLY did make them feel better.  How unbelieveably sweet is this???

A fireman's funeral program:

Pictures and programs for just a few of the many that died on September 11...

All that matters in life is that you know Jesus.  He is ALL the matters.  He is everything.

This is outside of the church and is known as, "The Bell of Hope." 
It is rung once on every September 11...

To get our tickets to the WTC site, we had to come here:

And here are a few pictures of things posted around this preview site:

Created out of the steel debris: 
The site of the Twin Towers is something every person in America should see!  It's so surreal and people are so sensitive to what happened there...  It makes me so thankful for the cross and the resurrection of Christ. To know that no matter what happens, not matter WHAT happens, our God defeated death and we no longer have to fear it.  After this life is an eternity with Him and it's available to everyone.
Thank you, Jesus, for Your sovreignty, Your grace, and the salvation only YOU offer.
After the Statue of Liberty, we rode on this ferry:  Miss Ellis Island.

Gorgeous entrance!

So this is the uncollected baggage leftover from the immigrants who came through Ellis Island..
this gives me goosebumps.

The elevator the immigrants, possibly even some of our ancestors, used!!!
German clothes left over at Ellis Island...
I know that my maiden name, "Brinker," is German, so I felt a special attachment to all things from Germany while I was there...

This made me think of Savannah and Andrew....
Their mother had to bring them over to America one at a time!

Woman from Germany!

The cots the immigrants used...  can you even imagine???

It's certainly a beautiful building!  There were pictures showing this very lobby PACKED with freshly-arrived immigrants and waiting in the lines to be checked over!
The dining room...  Most of the people pictured were here illegally and were awaiting deportation.  :(

They have made the current Ellis Island Cafe an exact replica of the original dining room
...  the chairs were tiny!!  But the food was soooo yuuum!!

This was pretty amazing...  there is a wall with the names of all the immigrants that passed through.. and it was maaaaaassive.

Love this.

There was an Andrew Poole!!!!!!!!!

This isn't my grandma, but her name WAS Charlotte and her last name WAS Brinker.  It was a really cool moment when we found this... Knowing that some of our ancestors really did come to America and pass through Ellis Island is so incredible.  To be a part of our personal history and to see a piece of it with our own eyes...  it's pretty profound.

So neat to see what the people on this wall helped to create:  NYC.

As a little summary, on Friday, August 24, we saw Lady Liberty, toured Ellis Island, explored the little towns of Little Italy, Chinatown, Noho, Soho, and Greenwhich Village, as well as taking in the WTC, loving St. Paul's Chapel, and walking down Wall Street.  It was SUCH a full day and I feel like I still can remember every moment, every smell, every bite! At about 5 PM, we headed back to our hotel to get changed and ready for our first Broadway play, WICKED!!!!!!  It's a strange title and I didn't know much about it, to be honest.. only that I had heard it was a classic, a must-see, and one of the best plays ever!!  Wade's precious parents bought us great seats as a treat for us while in NY and I am sooooo thankful!!!!!  It was amazing!!!!!!  It deserves it's own post, so I'll save that for next time.  :)
Here we are on the big screen in Times Square on the way to our play!!!!!  Can you find us???!?!
What about now???  Yaaayyyy!!!
We heart New York!!!!!!!!


  1. Yayyy!!!!! Hurry for day three!!!!!!

  2. I cried. The WTC memorial looks amazing. I have never really wanted to go to NYC, but I would totally love to go and see that! I love the picture of Wade being the statue of liberty...and the couple in the background with another guy being the statue of liberty! Did you see that?!?! That is hilarious!! Haha!!

  3. You and Wade are adorable! Ok I had a ton to say but after looking at all the pics and reading, I forgot haha. Anyway you should come over and use my Internet to make a photo album of all these pics!


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