Saturday, September 29, 2012

New York III - We So Brooklyn!

After our play and eating the best cheesecake and the best pizza of our existence, we walked on over to CENTRAL PARK!

Darling little bridges like this are EVERYWHERE!

It is SO true...  when you're in the park, you can hear NOTHING from the city!!  It's so quiet and calm and peaceful..  it was kinda like being back at home!
Central Park Lovebirds!!!!!
Laying in the grass at Central Park!!

And this was our view!!!  Doesn't that look like a heart in the tree?!?!?!

 How awesome!!!

Love these secret little nooks in the giant park!

Remember Enchanted?!?!  Here are the benches from the movie!!!

The Bethesda Fountain!!!!

Looking back at the beautiful bridge!

There were men there offering to take a picture of you in front of the fountain for $3.  Umm, no thanks!  Here is our free picture of us in front of the fountain.  :)

So pretty!!!

The lake house!!!!

The views are breathtaking!

One of the most exclusive buildings in NY! The Dakota Apartment Building!  Right outside of this building is where the former Beatle John Lennon was shot!

We searched and searched... and finally found Strawberry Fields!!

Here is a tribute to John Lennon that apparently gets decorated every single day with fresh flowers.  Sadly, we must have missed that.  :(

The Dakota Building again...  where John's wife, Yoko Ono, still lives!  One other famous celebrity that lived here::  Judy Garland!  Ahhhh!!!

So we caught the Subway here and rode it all the way to the most southerneast point and on over to BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here is what we saw when we walked out!!

Look what's ahead!!!!!!!!!

Our first shot on the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk!!!!

 This bridge is 10 times bigger and longer than I have ever imagined!!
Gorgeous cityyyy.

The Lower East Side.

Sooooo hugeeeeeee.

Isn't this so Mary Poppins-ish?!!

Obviously, we had to leave our mark on the Brooklyn Bridge!!!  :)
But it needed a little something extra....

Hahahahaaaaaa, PERFECT!!!!!!

Walking back to the Manhattan side!

Perfect ending to such an amazing day!!!!


  1. Wade's face while laying in the grass at the park is hilarious. He looks thrilled. And I love the people who offer to take your picture for money. That is hilarious. If you ever needed a job in NY, there ya go.

  2. Ummmm.... Are you suppose to write on the bridge?????

  3. Ummmm.... Are you suppose to write on the bridge?????


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