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New York III

New York - Day 3!!
Just as a little recap, we arrived on Thursday and spent the rest of that day and all day Friday doing all things NEW YORK!  Anything touristy, we did it!  It was the two craziest days of my life!!  Haa!  We walked and walked and walked until our backs ached, our feet were blistered, and our bellies were eating our backbones!!  (Too much??  Haa, you get the picture!)  We had Saturday and Sunday left to take at a slower pace...  more browsing and less marathon racing around the town.  More time to sit and relax...  it sounded like heaven!
We started off Saturday by having breakfast at this little Cafe::

Here is Wade's Egg Sandwhich..  look at that freshhh breaddddd.

My Strawberry Pancakes.  Freshhhh breaddddd is fabulousssss.
We love carbs.  What of it??  ;)

 We then slowly worked all that freshhhh breaddddd off by heading towards Bryant Park...

And Bryant Park is on the back side of the NYC Public Library, only one of the greatest places on Earth.  ;)

In Bryant Park with my new $5 NYC Chinatown aviators!!  ;)

So this is how NYC children do storytime::

They even have a carousel!!!  Deville is going to have step it up!

Wadie was THRILLED to get to experience THE New York City Library...  ;)
(Kinda.  He is such a sweet hubby to let me have do every single thing I wanted to while we were there!!! I love you, bear!!!)

Stop it right now.  This is the back for the library. Gaaaaaaasp, I know.
William Bryant's statue!

Gorgeous foliage!!  Mom, don't you love it?!?!?!
Dyinggggggg!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Lions made out of Lego's when you walk in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking in.  Ohhhh myyyyy goshhhhhhh.

One of the first kids books I found...
Of course.  So New York.  Haa!

Hellooooooo, best day everrrrr!!!!  :)))
 So at the bottom of the library, there is a museum dedicated to how the lunch hour, menus, and food have all changed since the beginning of the city.  I'm not really sure whyyyy, but it was fun to see!  Haaa!  How cute is that little lunch man driver?!?!?!

Pretzels...  a New York staple!  The plaque said that people needed a fast lunch that they could pick up as they were walking back and forth from jobs.  The pretzel was so hearty and big, people could make a meal out of it!  They said it was for the rich and poor, alike.  Everyone could afford a NY pretzel.  Cute!!!

Jen, this is for you!!  Look at all the old cookbooks!!!!!

The invention of the lunch box!!!  Look how many old school designs you can remember!

Megan!!!  This reminded me of YOU!!!!
Jen!!  Kurt!!!  Heather!!! Looook!!!!!  Hahaha!!

On our way up to the library books!!!!

Sooooo excited!!!!!

View down into the lobby!!!!  How beautiful is this?!?

Wade and his shelf of encyclopedias!!!
We were shocked about this!  The murals all over the NYC Library walls were all BIBLICAL!!!   There were so many different ones and all had to do with copying the Scriptures or scenes from the Bible!  Amazing!! 

The Gutenburg Bible!!!!!! This is one of the 48 originals that have survived..  they said that the printing of this Bible may have been the "greatest achievement of the second millenium!"  When this Bible arrived in New York, there was instructions that men were to remove their hats before looking upon it.  "The privilege of viewing a Gutenburg Bible is vouchsafed to few."  Incredible.
It's so strange to think that people come here to really do work!  Haaa!! 

The stunninggggg ceiling!!!!!

NYC Library - you are amazing.  I will DEFINITELY be back.  :)

Our second Broadway play was at 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon, so we headed off in that direction.  And we ran across this::
Junior's Cheesecakes.  Ohhhh maaaaan.

How can we EVER decide?!?!?!?!?

Isn't he a doll?!?!  Just ordering us a slice of Junior's Strawberry Cheesecake!
Time to indulgeeeeee!

No. Words. Necessary.
Greatest bite of my life. Really.

It was just soooo fun to be on the big screen in Times Square!!!  See us again??  Right below the second 0!!

Museum of Modern Art!!!

Since we had time and had a CityPass that paid for a trip through this museum, we decided to take a look!!!!  Here is what greeted us::

Trying to be impressed with the colorful rugs on the wall....
Room of tvs.  Mom!  You're favorite!!  ;)

Y'allllllll.  I'm sorry.  I wish I understood and appreciated how this is art.  But I just don't!!!  Can anybody help me out here?!?!  Doesn't this look like what we put out by the road every Wed night before the trash runs Thursday morning????  
Okay, this is kinda cool.  Kinda.

Can I just tell y'all how many people stopped and stared in amazement of this???  "Look at that.  Now that is really something.  That technique!  That form!  Unbelieveable!!!" 
Guysssssss.  I'm not seeing it.
If y'all think this is good.....
you should see what my kids can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best piece of art at the MOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)))))  We eventually both just started busting out laughing at everything and Wade became my tour guide around the museum.  And if you know witty Wade, you know how I was about to be kicked out for laughing so loud and so hard!!  He is hilarious!!  So it actually turned out to be a lot of fun!!!  But not because of the art!  ;)
I really don't mean to be rude!!  I'm sure if you liked that kind of thing, it would be amazing.  Next time, I'll just wave to you as I walk past to go do something fun.. ;)

At our playyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all didn't know Wade was really the Phantom?!?!  Minus the messed up face and creepiness.  ;)

The gorgeous Majestic Theatre on Broadway!!!!

A dream come trueeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

During intermission...  see the chandelier?!?!?  It looked broken and was covered in dusty cloth at the beginning of the play...  and then it swung up, totally perfect, just like in the movie!!!!!  Eventually, it crashed back down onto the stage!!  Soooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I breathed the entire 3 hours!  It was UNBELIEVEABLY FABULOUS!!!

I think I could go to New York JUST for the Broadway plays.  I could do them every day, all day.
They are THAT good!  Wade really enjoyed them too, so it was so neat to get to experience them together!!!  Again, I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!!!!
Directly across the street from our play was this::

A friend had told us about this place and said it was his number one place to eat in NYC.  It's a 2-story pizzeria inside of an old church!!  Look at that ceiling!

If I had to pick the absolute greatest food we ate during our entire trip, it would have to be this pizza.  The cheese is so thick on top, it's like eating another crust!!!!  It's the perfect size, the perfect flavor, omgosh, the PERFECT pizza!!  I still remember everything about it!!!  Hands down, the best pizza of my lifeeeeeeee.
Obviously, there wasn't a scrap left when we were done.
We enjoyed the heck out of that pizza!!!!!!  :)))

Last shot in Times Square, I promise!! 

After our play, we headed south.
Down to Brooklyn to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk.
Stay tuned.  ;)


  1. That pizza just made me so hungry!! I love that you at least gave MOMA a try! Modern art is not for everyone but that museum is truly an amazing experience. I love all of these posts!!!!

  2. Melissa, You and Wade have really made a great documentary of your trip to New York!! I really do feel like I have been there!! I LOVE the library too! I could really spread out all my Bible books on those tables!!
    Love you baby!!


  3. I laughed so hard that y'all went to the library. I mean, I'm sure it's on everyone's top list of things to do in NY. Riiiiiiight?? Haha. It really is pretty, though!! And why are those cheesecakes so expensive???? And why do you have to workout and climb ten billion stairs just to get to the library section?? Haha.


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