Saturday, September 29, 2012

New York IV

Sunday - Our fourth and final day in the magnificent NEW YORK CITY!!!!!
We started it off by heading towards Tim Keller's Church, Redeemer, on the Upper West Side!
Here is a precious little firetruck playground that reminded me of my favorite Mackeys!

If you don't know who Tim Keller is, look him up!!!  He has quickly become one of our favorite Christian authors; he has such a passion for the Lord!  Here are a few pictures from the church!
The 10-page long bulletin.  And I'm not even kidding!!  Ha!!  It was like a book!

Since T. Keller preaches 4 out of 6 services Sunday morning, we were hoping we had picked one of the services that he would be there!!  And we did!!  Thank you, Jesus!!  We were soooo excited!!!

The gorgeous, gorgeous church!!!!!!!!!

When we walked out of church, we were shocked to see how the empty streets had turned into a full-fledged street market!!!!  It was amazing!!!

Wade was starving and decided he needed to try this sausage with peppers and onions...

Huuuuuuuge lunch!!  Huuuuuuuge smile!!!  Hahaha!

Look at this!!!!  Fresh spices!!!  Fresh teas!!!!  How cool!!!!!!!

We finally found Joe's!!  The coffeeshop Shan specifically picked out for me!!!!!!!

Before coffee, though, I needed to eat!!  So we stumbled across this cute little place:

If I had to pick the second greatest meal of NY (obviously, pizza is number ONE!), this would be it:
A Fruitful Granola Wrap!!!  Y'all.  I know it sounds and may even look like it wouldn't be out of this world..  ohhhh myyyy goshhhhh.  It's a honey wrap filled with granola, fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and yogurt!!  Definitely one of the BEST surprises ever.  It was phenomenal!!!!!  Trust me.  You need to experience this!

Back to Joe's!!!  Please look how cute the menu is!!  And can you see the ladder to the left??  It looks like a metal pole..  yeahhh, that's how the workers climbed to the top to slide the menu boards apart and put all their purses and stuff behind the boards.  How crazy?!  How cool?!

Me - "Do y'all do latte art here??"
Barista - "Yes!"
Me - "Okay!  I need whatever will get me the latte art!  That's why I'm here!!"
Barista - "Haa!!  Okay!  So you want a latte latte?!"
Me - "Yes!  A latte latte!!"
We both laughed and she got busy.  They were definitely the sweetest people we met in NY!
HERE is the latte art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Shan and Jon, for this unique New York experience!!!!  {Even though I did have to add sugar!!!  Vanilla latte on me, next time!!!!  Haha!!!}

Have you ever seen the movie, "A Night at the Museum?!"  It's based off of this museum!!!  

 The Museum of Natural History!!!!!
See Teddy Roosevelt riding out front?!?!?!

Reallll dinosaurrrrrssss!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Just being BFF with T-Rex.

The entrance to the African Hall!!

Real ivory elephant tusks!!!!

I don't remember where or what period this was from...
only that these are fancy hair clips the women would wear.
How sweet that they liked to wear cute hair clips back then!

Wade loved imitating the exhibits...  :))

Chain mail!!  It's a soldier's uniform from the Crusades!!

Hahahahahaha, my 12 year old hubby!!!!!!!!

The Alaskan moose find Wade whereever he goes...  ;)

My bear with a grizzly bear!!

There was a North American Hall, filled with exhibits of animals like skunks, bobcats, oppossums, raccoons, etc...  It was CRAZYYYYY to see all the foreigners freaking out about animals we see all the time!!!!  I laughed when I was a group of Chinese girls squealing and laughing at the skunk's display!!!  They couldn't get enough pictures!!  How funny is that?!?  Sooo neat!!
It's "Under the Sea" time!!!

Can I pleaseeeee have a chair like this?!?!?!

Everything is in real, actual life size!!!  This is a jelly fish!!!  Can you imagine seeing THIS at the beach?!?!

The largest animal in the entire world!!!
The blue whale!!

It's not hard to believe Jonah was swallowed and lived in a giant fish for 3 days if that fish was anywhere near this size!!!!

My husband is sooooooooo strong, y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and the cute little sea lion!

Giant Squid attacking a whale!!  And Wade.  :)

The Reptiles Hall!!!  Grosssss!

Had enough?!?  Ahhhhhh!!

In the dinosaur hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Count how many dinosaur fossils you recognize from "Ice Age!!"

Look at the wittle bitty baby dinosaur!

Hahahaha, I love that kid!

Dinosaur eggs!!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVING this museum!!!!!!!

Mommmmmm.  These armadillos are here just for you!!!  Look how big they used to be!!!!

Saber Tooth Tiger!!!!!!!

Ice Age animal!!!

Wade and the Mammoths!!!!!

Me and D.  ;)
Overall, this museum was the most fascinating out of them all for us!!  We absolutely loved it and would go back in a heartbeat!!!  Sooooo fuuuuun!!!

 It's a big day.  We're living off of food from the streets!
Here we are, getting our very first NY hotdog!!!!!

And eating it WITH sauerkraut!!!

Believe it or not... it was actually kinda good.
And I hate hot dogs and sauerkraut.
Haaa, maybe I was just starving!  But it really wasn't that bad!!!


Next up:
Our New York Finale!


  1. OK, so I've been reading every single one of these posts and missing New York so much!!! What an awesome trip! One day, if you get really bored, go to this link to see our pics from New York. We went to so many of the same places!!!

  2. Yay for the cute firetruck playground!!! Can we bring Emory back there to play?? YAY!! That museum really does look so fun...and I don't like museums. But I would go to that one. So let's go back...right now. Love you bye.

  3. Yayyy!! So glad joes finally made it!!
    I'm going to need you to make me one of those wraps!


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