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New York, New York!!

On June 14, Wade and I celebrated our 4th year of marriage!!  Four sweet years of loving and living with my sweetest, most precious best friend in the whole world...  he is unbelieveable! Every year gets so much sweeter and I look forward to not only spending this life, but all of eternity, with my bear.

As an anniversary surprise, Wade bought me a trip to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh, whaaaat?!?!?!?!  I knowwww!!!!! I have wanted to go there for so long and have never had the opportunity to go...  until now!!!!!  Wade bought us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway...  which was an ultimate dream come true!!!!!!!  {The way he told me we were going was so sweet, too, and I don't want to forget!  He had 4 bags on the kitchen counter and I had to unwrap each one... first, there was a hot dog..  then a slice of cheesecake... then a big apple...  get it??  Ahhhh!!  Don't feel bad if you don't, I didn't either!  Haa!  In the last bag, there was our plane confirmation papers and our Broadway tickets!} 

 I cried.  Really.  It was the sweetest moment and I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world!  I don't deserve it!!!!  It's too much!! I was so overwhelmed....  oh my gosh, does anybody know how much I love Wade Poole?!??!!  Because I do!!!  With my whole heart!!!!!  He is the perfect husband and he is another pretty major part of this anniversary that I simply don't deserve...

Our trip was booked for August 23 through August 27.
4 nights, 5 days in the city that never sleeps.
I couldn't wait and it worked out so perfectly because my birthday is August 19...
so it doubled as a birthday trip!  I'm now the big 26... and still feeling 16!!  :)

Here are the sweet babies on a last sleepover before our 2 babies headed to Thibodaux for a few days while we were gone!

 Family lunch together at Chick-Fil-A before heading down to Lafayette to meet Nana!

After a tearful goodbye, (on my part..  the kids were all smiles and hand waves, for which I am SO thankful!!  Haa!), we officially started our vacation!! Here is our first room away from home!! 

On the little bitty, tiny plane from Lafayette to Houston!  We were sooo ready!
Arriving in NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!
We were scared we would be too overwhelmed and not know what to do once we arrived, so we had this cute little car come pick us up to help us get organized and settled before attempting to take on the cityyyyyy!!!!

My first view of the NYC!!!

Our view out of the windshield.  It's a new world here in New York City.  Haha!

Goodbye, car!  Hello, Madison Square Garden...  which was the view from our hotel!!

Madison Square Garden!!!!

Inside the lobby.  See the line??  That's to check in! I think we waited 40 minutes just to get into our room!!  Ahhhh!!

Sooooo excited to finally be here!!!!!  We threw down our bags and took off running!!

So I wanted to go to Times Square IMMEDIATELY.  We went racing out of our hotel and walked about 20 blocks... the wrong way.  Ha!!  Y'all, I have never been good at maps!!  I don't know why, but I have failed Social Studies for as long as I can remember.  My bad.
So Wade took the map away from me for the rest of the trip, which turned out to be a great decision!  Here is something we ran across on our way back to Times Square....
Why can't our Alexandria Marshall's look like this?!?!?  ;)

Do you see what's 2 blocks from our hotel??
The Empire State Building!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are walking, walking, walking, starting to die from being famished (because I insisted that our first meal here be PIZZA!!!!!) and dehydrated and exhausted...  when we suddenly looked up and see THIS::

We made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are here!!!!!!!!
TIMES SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!  We have ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!

The energy, the lights, the pace...  ohhhhh myyy goshhhh, there are no words!!!!!!!!!!
It was phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!  Such a rush!!!!!

The Hershey's Store...  Dad, this one is for you!!  :)))

 Remember that ball!!!  You'll see it again at midnight on January 1, 2013!!!!!  :)))

After taking in the sights and sounds of Times Square for about an hour, we decided we HAD to stop to eat!!  The first place we came across was this sweet little deli...  ROXY'S!!!

The picture above our booth..  haaa, funnyyyyy!!

Thanks to an amazing tip from a sweet friend, we tried this classic NY black and white cookie that is at every single deli in the city.  It was HUMONGOUS and soo beautiful!!  What a treat!!!!!

Wade enjoying his sweet snack! We couldn't wait for our food..  we had dessert first. 
Which should become tradition.  :)

Get ready for TONS of food pictures!  That was HALF the fun of NY!!!!
Here is Wade's BLT at Roxy's!

My pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!  It was more gourmet-y than traditional NY pizza, I think... but unbelieveably delicious!!!!!  My mouth is watering. Phe.Nom.En.Al.

And yes, I ate the entire thing.  Don't judge.

After scarfing down our $60 dinner (OUCH!!), we ran out to get back in the action!
Here is the M&M store!!!!!

You've never seen M&M's until you've seen this:

Dad, we didn't buy any, but if it helps, we were thinking about you the WHOLE time!!!!!  :)))

Across the street is the Hershey's store!!!  Please look at this place...  it's so unreal.

Wade's breakfast one morning.

Gianttttttttt chocolatesssssss = pureeeee blisssssss.

See the diamonds as the light fixtures??  This is the Diamond District!!  How fun!!

The landmark Radio City Music Hall!!!

St. Patrick's Cathedral!!!! 

Registering our visit into the Cathedral Archives...

Just a tiny sliver of the gorgeous engravings...  It was so beautiful here.  It also made me really sad.  So many people were crying and praying at the different shrines set up to several saints.  Here they are, in a church, and missing the entire point.  My heart was heavy that they were so close... and yet so far... from the truth and gospel of Jesus Christ.

The bottom of the ROCKEFELLER CENTER!!!!!

I had heard that the Rock had the best uninhibited views of NYC, so I really wanted to see that during the day and do the Empire State Building at night!!!  We bought a CityPass which included our tickets to both..  and I HIGHLY recommend it!  They were two completely different experiences and each equally amazing!!!!!!

While waiting for our scheduled time to do the Top of the Rock, we browsed around this famous place!!  I don't know what it's called, but I recognize it from the movies!!!!!  :))

There is a restaurant there now, but in the winter, it's a skating rink and also where they light the big Christmas tree!!!  I think I'll need to make a return trip to see that.  ;)


Look at what was right outside the window!!!!

I know these pictures won't do it justice...  but try to take this all in.
There is Central Park and the West and East Upper Side of Manhattan.
Absolutely breathtaking. 


Us with the Empire State Bldg in the back!!!

After catching our breath at the Top of the Rock (please remember this is still day ONE.  Hahaha, and you thought my other blog posts were long!!!!), we started walking 5th Avenue at sunset!

The Louis Vouitton Store.  Stopped in and picked up a few things while I was passing by.  ;)

I was too embarrassed to go in since there were men in tuxedos guarding the door...
But I did take a picture outside the store!!  :)
Seeee!  I did bring something back from Tiffany's!!!!!!!  Haaa!

This is how Savannah and Andrew dress, too.

Trump Tower!!

Something or other famous something..  I'm not really sure what this is, but it looked fancy so I snuck a pic.

Flag made out of footballs at the Nike store!!!

F.A.O. Shwartz!!!!!  It was actually closed when we passed by this time, but no worries.  We came back.  :)

I think this is George Washington..??  It was at the very southern tip of Central Park between the trees and the buildings, so we sat and enjoyed the view as the lights came up in the city...

You know we had to stop by Serendipity!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!!

There was a 2 hour wait... eeeks!! 

So we got their famous frozen hot chocolate to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went back to the spot between Central Park and the buildings and sipped on our hot chocolate while enjoying the views, the cool breeze, and just the incredible nighttime atmosphere of New York...  We enjoyed this break immensely...  until we heard "SQUEAK!  Squeak, squeak, SQUEAK!"  Rats.  No, really.  There were huge rats jumping all over each other, frolicking in the grass.  End of fun nighttime break.

We started walking back, heading towards the Empire State Building, when we came across the NEW YORK CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!
You all know how much I love the library!!!!!  I was DYING to break down the doors!!!!

Heading up the Empire State Building to see the sights at night!!
(Super scary to think we were there just a few hours before the shooting! Ahhh!
Thank you, Lord, for your protection!)

My bear with King Kong!!!

So you basically wait in a line.. to wait in a line... to wait in a line.. to wait in a line.  Haa!! 
Sooo many people!!!!

I took a picture of our picture so I didn't have to buy theirs! 
 I am either cheap or just smart.  I'm going with both. :)

The nighttime tour with the audio guide was amazing...  There is so much history there that you would never know about without the guide!!!  For example, see the red light on the river??  The pier immediately to the right of that is where the Titanic would have docked if it had made it.
Pretty surreal right there.
Utterly amazing. Find the Chrysler Bldg!!  It's the one with the bright white top!

Times Square!!!! See the ball???

Wade thoroughly enjoyed his audio tour!  ;)

The last picture from our first day in New York:
See the tallest building??  The twin towers stood just to the left of it.  You can also see the Brooklyn Bridge to the left... and Lady Liberty is somewhere out to the right.
But that's for tomorrow...  ;)


  1. YAY!!! I love NYC!! Looks like an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary!! You have me craving a frozen hot chocolate now!

  2. Yayyy!!!! You know you left out some of these details when you told me about the trip right???? :)

  3. Melissa and Wade! This is so amazing! You have done a fabulous job of telling the story of everything you did. Maybe I should pay you for the guided tour! HA See...Now I feel like I have been there too!!

    Can't wait for the rest of the trip!!

    Love you, MOM

  4. This is so amazing!!!! Y'all crammed so much into day one!! I love that you got lost right away...that is so touristy. Haha!!! I love the views of the entire city. That is so amazing. Love love love this recap!!


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