Thursday, October 4, 2012

Callie Marie turns TWO!

On September 2, we celebrated Callie's birthday!!!! {And Nathan's and Mr. Billy's, but since they're both over 30, they don't get super fun parties like Callie!! ;)}
Here is the CUTEST 2 year old baby I know!!!

Jen outdid herself and cooked an amazing meal to celebrate!!
This is a spinach and cheese stuffed porkloin!

Big Sister Rylie! {Sadie always runs when I break out the camera, so I rarely get Big Sister Sadie shots!}

Callie, on the other hand, LOVES getting her pictures taken!!!  ;)
What a HAM!!  

Callie with her favorite Uncle Wade!!

Her loves her Uncle Wade!!!!!!! 
This needs a frame!!  So precious!!!
Jenny and her baby girls!!!!
And her other baby..  the Strawberry Cake that took 6 hours to make and was absolute perfection!!

Strawberry Poke Cake from Cook's Country.  You KNOW that was good!!! 

Happy Birthday to my most precious Callalilly!!!!!!!!!!  Aunt Lissie loves you and is so thankful for your sweet little face, your huge and dramatic facial expressions, your infectious smile, and your brilliant personality!!  You make everyone feel so special and SO happy!  I JUST LOVE YOU!!!!!
Later on in the week, we needed a little trip to Kees Park!

Haaa, I love this face!!!

 I love my little big girl!!

Same hair! Same eyes!  :)

Why is life with tons of little children everywhere

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