Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 31st, Jenny!

Jenny turned 31 on September 22 and our church decided to get together and have a little surprise party for her!!! We all love our Jenny and were so happy to get to do a little something for her for a change!!  :)
Here was my birthday present to her!  I showed up to her house, put this on the door, and left.
  Hope that's not creepy...

Decorating for the party at the Johnson's home!!

An adorable Casey, just a few weeks away from having sweet baby, Landry!


Yaaayyyyyyyy!!!!  Even though it looks like she wants to punch us all out!!!
Ha, she hates surprises...  which makes it so much more fun to throw them for her!

We all went eat at Outlaw's BBQ - Jen's favorite place ever.  She thought that was her party...
until we all showed up at Eric and Lauren's house, supposedly for a play, when in reality we were planning a night of Pictionary, dessert, and coffee!!  Sooo fuuuuun!!!

Just a few of the girls!!!
Jen and DeDe!

Happy Birthday time!!!!!!

I know!!!  We can't believe you're 31, either!!! ;)


We love our Sharbonos!!!!

Al, loving her some Landry!

Happy Bitthday to our Jenny!!!!

More than sisters, we are best friends! 
Jesus knew I needed my Jenny and I am sooo thankful for her!!
Can't wait to spend the next 31 years together!!

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