Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Indian Creek Camping Trip!

One of our favorite things about fall?? 
The school parades as they celebrate their homecomings!!!
Here we are at Tioga High School's Homecoming Parade!
Daddy's Little Girl.

And Dad's Little Man.
Here comes the parade!!

Brother got his one pack of M&M's and he was content. :)

Always bring children with you to parades...
Grown-ups will push you out of the way to get that Tootsie Roll
 but they somehow leave the little kids alone, especially if the kids are cute.

See!  I told you!

Al is always SO much help with all these babies!!
We love our OWL!

On one of the last weekends in October, Wade and Nathan took the three oldest girls for their very first overnight CAMPING TRIP!!!  Indian Creek is stunning and is so close to home, but far enough away to feel like an incredibly exciting adventure to the girls!
Here we are, trying to find the perfect camp site!

Our little pinecone..  ha!


Apparently, we forget the rules when we are in the woods.

Savannah was sooooo excited!!  She and Daddy had talked about this trip for SO LONG and it was finally here!!!!!!

First thing to do after setting up camp??
Find the park!!!

My sweet little hambone!

Climbing up the rock wall!

Daddy had to join in the fun!!  :)

Brother had to give that rock wall a try!

We made it!!!

Helping Dad gather firewood for our bonfire!
Breaking the lawn chairs out to sit by the fire!

Jen, Callie, Andrew, and I were allowed to come spend the day and have dinner with the men and the three girls!

Callie loved helping with dinner!
Here she is, going put the sweet potatoes in the coals!

The girls couldn't wait to get their sleeping bags ready for their camp out!

Jen and Sadie!

Jen teaching the girls what to do if they see a bear!!
Looks like Savannah's got it down pretty good!

Hahahaha!!! I would be scared too!!!!

Jen and Rylie!

My three favorite Sharbono nieces!

Jenny loving on Brother!

Going out for a walk!

We found a lake!

And the kids had the BEST time!!!!!!!!!!

After an afternoon of splashing in the Indian Creek Lake, it was time to change into our jammies and warm up by the fire as dinner cooked!  We also needed a pre-dinner snack.  S'mores, anyone??

Teaching his daughters how to roast some s'mores!

The grill master, cooking porkchops and sweet potatoes on the open fire!
What a man!!!

Gotta love candlelit dinners!!  
Time for bed!!!!! 
The mommies and babies had to head home while the daddies and big girls got ready for their sweet sleepover!!!!!

The next morning, we arrived to find that they survived the night with a minimal amount of damage!!!  Savannah was starving at 10 that night, so Wade took her to get a banana and while they were sitting outside, they saw a raccoon near the tent!!  After chasing him away, they laid down to sleep to wake up at 3am with Sadie and her wet sleeping bag.  Hahahaa!! 
Gotta love big girl sleepovers!
Here is Callie, munching on breakfast!

Wade cooking eggs in the wild!!!

The gorgeous view!!!

We needed one more trip to the park!

Pops came up to spend the day with us!!!!!!!!

Sweet Uncle Wade and Sadie Bug!

Last round of s'mores before packing up!

Such big girls!!

Why waste your time with chocolate and graham crackers when you can eat the jumbo marshmallows whole?!?! Chubby Bunny time!!

Time to pack up!!!!

The girls had a blast, but were excited to get home to electricity and running water.  :)

Until next time!!!!!



  1. Yayyy!!!! I wanna go for day time camping haha!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest post everrrrrr!!!! I seriously love that they went camping!!! Emory wants to come!! Jen's face is SO serious in that picture with her and Van acting like a bear. Haha. I laughed. And poor brother had to sit in a pink lawn chair. Middle child problems.


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