Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sharing the Big News!!

On September 26, I found out that we were pregnant with POOLE BABY NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!!!!!  I was overwhelmed and overjoyed!!!!  This is our THIRD surprise baby and we are so thankful that Jesus is creating our little family just as He would have it be!  It's perfect!!  :)
Wade had already gone to sleep when I took the pregnancy test, and I had always dreamed of the perfect way to tell Wade that we were having a baby!!!  We were together when we found out that Savannah and Andrew were coming, so this was my opportunity to surprise Wade!  The next morning, Wade was at work and I took another test, just to be sure... and when it popped up, "PREGNANT!," I decorated the house with pink and blue and yellow balloons and streamers, loaded up the kids, and headed to Super One to buy a cake that said, "We're having a baby!!!" 
Unfortunately, on the way to the store, some stupid mailboxes jumped in front of my car and I knocked two of them out.  So instead of the store, I headed home to call Nathan to come check out the damage, write up a police report, call my insurance, etc.
I was hysterical..  sooo upset and sooo excited to have such awesome news to share!  I'm not sure if the "I'm pregnant!" part got written into the police report, but that is exactly when I told Jen and Nathan that they had a new niece/nephew on the way!!!!  :)
Later that night, Wade got home from work, checked out the car, told me that sometimes these things happen, kissed me, and said it was okay.  Now THAT is a man, ladies!  :)
I asked him to wait outside while I got his surprise ready.  Since I had wrecked the car, I told him I had something to make his day A LOT better.  I had made three signs that said, "Poole Party of 5."  Savannah held the first sign, Brother held the second, and I held the third.
We called Daddy in and he read our notes.  His reaction??  "Wait, whaaaat???"  Hahaha, sometimes you just have to spell it out for the hubby!!!! 
It was so sweet, we cried, our babies laughed, and our family of five officially began.
We are so incredibly happy.  While it wasn't our timing, we have come to realize that God's timing is ALWAYS right. It's perfect.  It's SO much better than our own plans. 
And now we have a precious baby due June 1, 2013.
Immediately, I began planning a trip to Ft. Worth and Austin to tell Hezzy and Jase and Kurt and Mandy our big news!!!!!  Mom and I planned out how we would tell them on the way...  When we got to Hez and Jase's apartment, I broke out the camera and asked Mom to take our picture!!!  So here we are as Mom proclaims, "Say cheese!!!!"

After that, Mom said, "Let's take one more....
Say, "Melissa's having a baby!!!!!!"

Heather: "Whaaaaatttttt?!?!?!?!??! Ahhhhhhh!!!!" 
Trust me, it was VERY loud at this point!!  Hahaa!

Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!  What a wonderful moment!!!!

The next morning, we headed off to Heather and Jason's church!

I'm not really sure how people can pay attention when they are sitting in this beauty!!!!
My surprise wreath for their apartment door!!!  

Wherever Heather is, cats will follow.  :)
Here is a new friend we found!!

Brother loved his little friend that was smaller than him... and one that he could pet/hit.

Loving the Seminary fish pond!

I love my babies!!  All three of them.  ;)

Visiting our Hezzy Girl at work!!!

We couldn't wait until it was quitting time!!!
Playing at a Ft. Worth mall!!

We needed a little field trip to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. Y'all.
I can only imagine what it looks like when it's all in full bloom!!!!!

Helloooooo, Hezzyyyyyy.....

Hiiiiiiii, Vannyyyyyyy!!!!!


And this:::
is a rose garden.
There is water that runs from the top and spills down the center all the way to the bottom!
Can you even imagine what it looks like in season??
After an afternoon strolling through the gardens, we were pooped.

After a wonderful few days, we headed to Austin!! 
Here we are saying goodbye!!!

Kissie, Kissie on Lissie!! :)

This was our view 3 hours later as we pulled up at the Brinker home!!!!  :)

And this is what was waiting for us inside!!!  Yuuuuuuuuum!!!!
Pizza Casserole!!  Thank you so much, Mandy!! It was life-changing!!

Lemon Loaf....  Fabulous!

I told Mandy we had a surprise coming for Carson and Gavin...
but it would take 9 months to get here!!!  Haa!!
She cried!!!!  It was sooo sweet and Kurt was thrilled!!
Hooray for a new cousin!!!!
Precious times with Carson!!!  I can picture this happening again in 20 years. 
Minus Savannah riding on the top.

We had an amazing time in Texas and an even better time telling everyone our big news!!!!
Now to break it to this litttle man::
He isn't the baby anymore!!!  He is a BIG BROTHER!!!!
Jesus, I'm pouring out praise on only You!  You are SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats!!!!! What amazing news for such a beautiful family!!! So, so happy for yall!!

  2. Yayyyy!!!!!!

    I'm loving all this updating you have been doing!

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I love the Poole Party of 5!!! How dare those mail boxes jump out and ambush you like that, though?! Who do they think they are?! They should stay in their proper places next time. ; )


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