Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekends in September

During one of the first weekends in September, the three oldest girls attended a Cheerleading Clinic at Tioga High School!  They were sooo excited, even if it did start wayyyy too early in the morning!
I feel like this shot is just the first of many, many more to come....
So glad these girls have each other to grow up with!

The excitement faded fast and worry set in.  Haa, this was their faces when we left them!

And this is them when we returned::

The girls danced to "Party in the USA"...
And even though Van wasn't up to dancing in front of an audience, they all looked so cute out there trying!!

So proud of my girl!!!
(And her hair looks like she had been dancing HARD!  Haha!!)

Brother, on the other hand, took a nap.

Strangely, it kinda does look comfortable....

On another September weekend, my five little babies helped me cook!!!

It's not always easy, but they have
I'm determined to teach Andrew how to cook, just like his Daddy!  Girls don't know what they're missing out on when their hubby doesn't know how to cook!!  It is SUCH a treat!  

Jen's neighbor, Haiden, made the Buckeye Homecoming Court.  We loaded up all the children and headed off to the Jr. High Pep Rally...  THAT brought back some memories!  Haa!  Remember the loud band, the sassy teenagers, the kids who stand by the back doors so they can run out as soon as the bell rings??  Yep, they're all still there!!
Haiden is the last girl on the right!  We were so proud!
Hahahhahahahaha, Savannah is SOOOO her mother's child!!!!!!!!!!!

As the cooler weather arrived, so did Grammie...
with these new winter outfits!!!!
How cute are these little tigers!!??!

Love my wild babies!

Here we are, off to an LC football game!!
(And now EVERY TIME we pass the LC stadium, Savannahs wants to know where the Wildcats are and why they aren't playing and if they are at home sleeping...)

POPS!!!!!  Jim Croce came on with his "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" song and Andrew absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!  He started dancing and jamming out!!!  You would have been sooo proud!!!!  :)))

My little doll!  The older she gets, the more she loves to go out and shop with Mom... 
she is sooo fun!!!

Just because I needed something to craft::

Brother was so proud of our new LSU wreath.  :)
He is such a ham!
 Catching up, guys, we are catching up!!!   Yaayyy!!


  1. Yayyyyy for catching up!!!! Maybe we will get to the pictures from the lights in about 6 months?! Hahahaha! That picture of the twins and Van smiling at cheer camp is TOO stinking cute!! I can see them posing just like that in high school!!

  2. Where did you get vannies cutie outfit idea from????


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