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Merry Christmas To All!

We spent Christmas 2012 in Thibodaux and it was so fun to be in town and get to spend the the actual day with BOTH sides of the family!  On Christmas Eve morning, we had a big breakfast with Nana and Paw, Granny Lou, our cousin, Abigail, and our friends, Karlie and Khloe!  

Here is Nana reading the Christmas Story to all the little children!

This is the start of a Poole family tradition!
One super sweet memory::
When Paw and Nan came out with 4 or 5 of these big huge Tonka trucks, Andrew was SO HAPPY, he stood up, gasped, and screamed, "PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hahahaa, I think he was SO EXCITED that he got his words all mixed up!!  That's how you know you've given you dang good gift!!  :))
Brother was truly OVERJOYED!!!

He just couldn't get enough of his new trucks!!!!

Vannie and her new little princesses from Karlie and Khloe!!

Unwrapping more gifts!

Yaaayyyyyyy!!!  Savannah got her princess "iPad/Kindle."  Hahah!!  So sweet!

Brother, still just so happy with his little trucks!  

Paw and Brother, practicing their guitars together!
This will have to be another Poole family tradition!  :)
Another sweet memory from Christmas Eve was that I felt Baby Poole move!!!  I thought I felt baby moving during my ultrasound the week before, but I wasn't sure....  this was the first time that I KNEW!!!  Baby Poole wiggled and wiggled and wiggled all night!  It was so sweet!! 

 On Christmas Day, we headed over to Pops and Grammie's house!!
Here we are in our Christmas fort that Grammie made!!

Daddy came to join in the fun!!

Later that morning, we opened gifts... 
and here was the last one my parents opened from us::

YES!!!!!!!!!!!  We are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We weren't supposed to find out for another month, but the sweet ultrasound tech said she would give us a little sneak peek so we could tell our families and friends for Christmas!!!  It was perfect!!!!  Nobody knew we had found out, so no one asked questions..  which was so great, because I'm the worst at keeping secrets!  After we finished unwrapping presents, Wade and I pulled out one more...  it was the very last gift given and my parents opened it together!  It was a baby boy onesie for our new little BOY on the way!!!!!
What a precious memory!!!  At our Christmas with the Pooles, we gave the gift to Granny Lou and she absolutely loved the surprise!!  We have a priceless video of that, as well as telling my sisters Baby BOY Poole was on his way!!!  It's a sweet Christmas memory that we will never, ever forget!!  

And we spilled the beans exactly 6 years and 3 days from the night we got engaged in that very same living room...
 Brother is sooo happy to have a new friend coming!!!!!  And this conversation happened after my doctor's appointment when we came home with picture of our baby boy::
Me - "Savannah, do you want a baby brother or a baby sister??"
Savannah - "A baby sister!!!!!"
Me - "Ohhh, but Vannie, what if it's a baby brother???"
Savannah - "........... Then I will cry."

Hahahaha, thankfully, she DIDN'T cry!  Grammie ended up talking to her a few days later and helped her see that maybe the NEXT baby will be a girl...  and that she will get to be the big sister of TWO little brothers!  Wow!  What a big girl!!  Savannah now truly is so excited and has offered up the name "Pinocchio" for her littlest brother...

On Christmas night, we returned home and had our own small, family Christmas celebration with just the four five of us.  :)  As wonderful as our holidays were, there was something quite enchanting about snuggling by the fire in front of the Christmas tree, with soft Christmas music playing in the background, as Wade and I watched our two babies open a few small gifts from us.

We didn't get them much, but you would have thought we had given them the world.
There were so sweet, so appreciative, and so full of joy.  It's times like this...
when the kids are playing contently on the floor in front of the fireplace, with tons of tissue paper and ribbons everywhere, and Wade and I catch each other's gaze from across the room and realize just how deeply in debt we are to the Lord. He has given us so much.  Almost too much.  My heart can hardly contain it all. 

It has since become tradition to bake Christmas cookies with Aunt Hezzie!!!!  Here we are in 2010!!!

2 Christmases later!!!!

Hoping they remember these sweet memories as they get older!
We love them SO much!  The cookies AND the kids.  ;)

Beautiful AND pregnant Aunt Magic!!!!!!
Next year, we'll have 3 more babies to make cookies with!

ICING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

It turns the kitchen into a disaster...
but what a colorful, exciting, beautiful disaster!  :)))

The cookie I made and was so proud of that I wouldn't let anyone eat it!
It may STILL be on that plate, haa!

And that wraps up our Christmas 2012!!

What an amazing year!!!  Andrew turned one, we had lots of slumber parties with our sweet cousins, Heather married her Jase, Savannah turned three, Shanny got married to Jon Jon, we vacationed in Gulf Shores and spent a few weekends at the new camp in Toledo Bend, celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and our 26th birthdays with an amazing surprise trip to New York (ahhhhh, greatesttttt husbanddddd everrrrr), and so many sweet babies were born to our church, including our newest little neighbor, Landry Knotts! Looking forward to all the new little ones coming in 2013, especially the ones joining our family like Luke Henry and  Emory Grace!!!!  :))) THANK YOU, GOD, for one incredibly wonderful year!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

During one Mommy and Me play time in December, we met at the church and threw Jesus a birthday party!!!!!!!  We had party hats, cupcakes, and punch...  Jesus had to have been smiling when he saw all the sweet babies learning about and celebrating His birth!!!  It was so good to talk to our little preschoolers and share with them about the first Christmas, when God gave us the best present...  the gift of Jesus. 
Here are our kiddos, singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus!!

Ready to decorate her cupcake!!!

Brother was sad it was taking so long for the icing to get to his side of the table...

"Pass me some of that frosting!!!!"

Savannah looks like she wants to tell Jenny to hurry up with that icing already!!!!

Brother has a thing for cupcakes...

Yummy, yummyyyyy!!!!

LOVE this picture of Sadie!!!  She looks so grown up!

Rylie does too!!  Why are they so big?!?

Haha, and then there's Cal! She's just looking for a good time and a sweet treat!      
Absolutely love this!  Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!!!!!

On December 22, we decided to make a trip to the Natchitoches Christmas Festival of Lights.  Strangely, and absolutely PERFECTLY, Megan and Justin, Shannon and Jon, Candace and Alyse, and Wade and I were all off and free to meet up and spend the night playing together in Natchitoches!  It was WONDERFUL!  Our schedules never coordinate so well, so this was such a treat!!!  One word: Jesus!!  He knew what a special night it would be and how much we would all want to be together to enjoy it!
Since we planned our trip to the lights a few weeks in advance, Shan, Alyse, Candace, and I were able to put together a small and intimate surprise baby shower for Megan!  I wanted it to be a really extraordinary shower... one  wasn't about tons of decorations and diapers, but one more sentimental and meaningful to each of us.  We decided to each pick a theme and then buy a gift that related to that theme... our individual gifts represented our personal childhood favorites!!
More to come...  :)
Here is the wreath I made for Emory's hospital door when she makes her arrival!!
(Hoping all the nurses will still be able to find the door....)

We found a steakhouse in Natchitoches, made reservations, and arrived in time to set up a small gift table!!  Sweet Alyse brought the beautiful cake!!!!  

Waiting for Megan to arrive!!!

She made it!!!!!!  Here she is, opening her first gift!  Candace's theme was your favorite childhood movie...  we each bought our personal favorite and then wrapped them all up together.  Once Meg opened the gift, she had to guess which person gave each movie!!  So funny how well she knew some and how shocked she was by others!  I was caught between bringing Mary Poppins and Cinderella...  and since Mary Poppins had a prettier cover, she won.  And Meg got mine right!!!  :)

My theme was your favorite childhood book! I'm still trying to build up Emory's home library... something EVERY kid needs!!  My choice was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  As strange as that book is, it's always been one of my most favorites!  Each of us also wrote a little inscription to Emory on the inside of the front cover, so that she can always remember who gave her that book and why it was so special to us... and hopefully become very special to her.

Alyse's idea was your favorite childhood activity/pasttime..  and she won the most creative award for this, because she brought brownies as part of her gift since she was a proud member of the Brownies Girl Scouts!!  :)  Soooo cute!!  My gift was a notebook because I loved writing children's stories.  You should see my scrapbooks and the stories I wrote.  On second thought, maybe not.  They are so awful.  Haa, but I did have fun writing them!!! Since Emory won't be able to write children's books for such a long time, I also threw in a coloring book that look like the old-school Lisa Frank ones...  remember those?!?!  Ahhhh!!  Favorite!!!

Another super creative gift was from Shannon...  one of her favorite childhood activities was playing the drums with a pot and a spoon!!
Not much has changed...  ;)
Candace's favorite childhood game... TROUBLE!
I soooo loved that one, too!

Seriously having the BEST time...  it was so sweet to get to share stories about ourselves growing up and pass our traditions on to our Emory!!!

The last theme was Shannon's!!  We each chose our favorite childhood snuggle/security item...  Megan actually guessed mine before she opened the bag!!!  A blanket with the soft trim around the edges!!  I can't help it; it's STILL my security item.  Wade has learn to accept the pink, ratty blanket with the soft snuggly trim.  :)  Candace gave Emory a glow worm/teletubby.  Hahahaha, none of us really knew what it was...  but it WAS cute!!!!!!  You can see Justin modeling it here:

"Y'all!!!!  It IS a glow worm!!!!  It isssssss!!!!!!!!"

"Sure, Candace, sure.  It sure is a glow worm.  Not a teletubby at all......"  Hahaha, Emory will love it no matter what the heck it is!!!!  :))))

Last, but not least, Emory got her very first cookbook.  Each of us wrote out a few of our favorite childhood recipes that we either made with Mom or that became very special to us growing up.  There were tons of blank pages in there as well, pages for Megan and Emory to fill up together...
Passing our favorite childhood memories on to each other and to our newest addition was such a sweet way to solidify what each of us means to the other. 
We are in this together. 
And that's a sweet, irreplaceable thing.

After an incredible time together, we headed to the LIGHTS!!!
And look who was there!!!  RYLIE!!!!

Our Poole Party!!!

The Sharbono Family!!!

The Reynolds Wrap!

The Kees Klan was there, too!!!!

I know you can't really see her...
but Savannah is sitting on a tube.
All by herself.
At the top of this snow hill.
Not only did she give the man her ticket, stand in line, AND get into a raft ALL BY HERSELF, she also got someone else (Thanks, Justin and Meggie!!!) to pay for it. 
WHEN DID SHE BECOME A WOMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!  :))))

We were all screaming and smiling, so proud of our little Vannie who kept saying she could do it all by herself!!  And she did!!  The man working the slide asked if Savannah wanted to go again, to which she replied, "Nooooooo."  And then Shannon and Megan gave her a quick lesson on how we should say, "YES," when people offer us free stuff. 

Shannon and Candace felt like they needed a little sled ride, too!!!


The brave riders!

Our sweet sisterhood!!  :)
(Savan, apparently, was still recuperating from her sled ride...)

Merry Christmas to our girl!!!
And Merry Christmas to our boy!!!

I ADORE going back and looking at posts from Christmases past...
Here is our picture from the lights in 2011!!

And in 2012!!!
(I think Brother and Dad had walked over to see some ducks at this moment... ha!)

Family Christmas shot from 2011...

Family Christmas shot in 2012!!
(And you can see Baby Poole in this one, too!)

If you're dying for more, as I know you ARE...
Click here for our Poole Christmas 2011!
Click here for our Poole Christmas 2010!
 Click here for our Poole Christmas 2009!!!
It is worth the time to spend down memory lane, I promise!!!!
Well, really, you might get bored, but it was such a treat for me! :)
And one last shot from 2009.  In Natchitoches at the lights with the
and the same cute baby girl.  :)
Our NEWEST baby girl will be almost a YEAR OLD this time next year!!  Ahhhh!!
Here is my Mackey Family, their last Christmas as a family of TWO!

Our favorite Reynolds family...
hopefully their last Christmas as a family of two as well!!!!  ;)))

So our running joke of the A-List has expanded from 5 to 7...
and that number will go up to 9 by next Christmas!  :)
It's sooo exciting!!!!

Meg is glowinggggg!!!!  She was made to be a mommyyyy!!!

Hurry up, Emoryyyyy!!!  Only a few more weeks until you join us!!!!
Your ears will RING with all of our squeals.  But that's okay.  We are just breaking you in early.  ;)

Emory at 35 weeks and Baby Poole at 17 weeks!!!
Looooove being pregnant together, Meg!!  It is sooo much fun! 

Love you all, my sweet, sweet friends!!!!
I'm thinking the Natchitoches Lights should be our tradition each year!!!!
Where else can you use a portapotty, have terrible reception, and choke on a burning hot cup of hot chocolate and still be able to call it the most perfect night ever?? 

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