Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shower for my Emory Grace!!!

It's no surprise to all of you that my nearest and dearest, Meg, is having a baby!!!!!!  Her name will be Emory Grace Mackey and her favorite person in the world will be me. (I guess behind her parents, but even that is debatable...)  :)  I have DREAMED of this moment for so long, it almost feels like I'M having another baby in January!!!! I am sooooo happy, thrilled, ecstatic, floored, overjoyed... all of the exciting emotions that come with a new baby, especially to a baby girl that ALREADY means so much to me!
Megan's precious family threw her a beautiful shower in Shreveport in November and it was SUCH a wonderful day!  Savannah and I drove up to Megan's grandmother's adorable home and celebrated with the Wilkie/Mackey's family and friends, honoring our Meggie and looking forward to the arrival of her darling little girl.
Here is my first picture from the shower.  Food. Of course. 
But seriously!?!  Have you ever even seen something as cute as this?!?!
They are too pretty to eat!!!!!!  Trust me, though, that didn't stop me. 

I think I had four of those squares.  Don't judge.
Such a pretty tablescape!!!!

Grandma's tree!!!  So pretty!!

Candace and Alyse, filling out their advice cards and adoring those cookies!

Hahaha, here is Alyse... in a onesie!!!!
Don't you just love baby showers?!?!  Look how pretty all the packages are!!

I can already see Emory in this little gem!!!  

Savannah... in her Thanksgiving outfit at the Christmas-themed shower. :/
She was such a cute little turkey though and Meggie enjoyed all of Vannie's help of unwrapping gifts and trying out all of Emory's new toys!!

Megan was COVERED in gifts!!  She and Emory are so loved and so blessed!!

Lil' Miss Adorable!!!!!!  Oh, and Emory is too!  :)))

Loving all of these baby clothes...
and so anxious to meet the little doll who will wear them!!

The poster on the front of the house!!!  How sweet!!!
Jeremiah 1:5 - "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
and before you were born I consecrated you."
Love our Jesus who knows us, even from the womb!

Hahaha, this cat cracks me up!!!  Alyse is so sweet to always love on all the animals!

College Besties.
Besties for Life.
And Shan, we missed you!!
See, Vannie is leaving a space for you!!!

Our baby bumps!!!!
I think I was around 12 weeks and Megan was around 30!!

I love how much these two love each other!!

Candy and Vannie!!!  So sweet!!

Our babies - best friends from the womb.
They have no choice.  :)
I'm so thankful for sweet, lifelong friendships and
for giant blessings that come in the form of tiny babies...


  1. I wish I would have been there!!!!
    I don't even remember where I was!


  3. I'm so blessed to have you as my BFF and I just love how much you already love my little girl!! I kinda got teared up when I saw the picture of me and Van, just thinking of how much I love her...and that's how much I know that you will love Emory!! Ahhhhh, melts my heart!!! And of course I love brother, too. Haha. And Grant!! Ahhhhh, I love all the babies!!!! I can't wait for E to get here so that I can ask you a million questions about breastfeeding and baby poop and spit up. Hahaha!! : ) Love you SO SO much!!! And I think it's hilarious that Van saved Shanny a place in our picture...on the ground. Ha!!!!! Oh and those pregnancy bump pictures of us together are SO stinking cute!! I love that we are pregnant together!!!!!!!!

  4. And I just think this post needs ONE MORE COMMENT to say how amazing it is. : )


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