Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Christmas Festivities Begin...

...with a celebration of Nathan's CrossFit Certification!
He is officially a CrossFit Trainer!

(A picture of the burger Jen created...
homemade onion rings, homemade BBQ sauce, freshly made cheesy patty, and cooked bacon on a toasted bun. Worth.every.calorie.)

.... with Mandy's 29th birthday!!

(Taste of Home's Victorian Strawberry Chocolate Cake! Divine.)

.... with Heather's news that she is
HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!
That makes 4 pregnant sisters and we could NOT be more ecstatic! 
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  

...with a pink Christmas tree in Savannah's room that she and Brother decorated all by themselves. :)

...and finally with cousin Abigail's THIRD birthday party!!!
Santa was even there!!!!

Santa loving on Brother!

Four sweet babies!

Pictures with Santa and his elves!

Sadie enjoyed her cupcake!

As did Brother....

Mmmmm, delicious!!  Bring on cupcake number 2!

Brother and his Christmas present from Granny Lou!!!!
A truck that makes noise and rolls there anything better??? 
Not to Brother!!!

Precious pictures of Andrew and his great-grandma, Granny Lou!

So priceless.  They love each other so much!!

Family Christmas picture time!

Granny and her "boo boo boy!!"

The following Sunday, December 16, Savannah, Sadie, Rylie, and Callie all participated in their very first Children's Christmas Musical!!!  Savannah and the twins even had their own speaking part!  Their line read, "And they shall call him Emmanuel, 'God is with us.'" THEY DID IT PERFECTLY!!!!!  It was so loud and crisp and clear...  and we were SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One hilarious moment of the whole production was when Callie came out on stage...  her tights were a little loose, so Jen put an extra pair of panties on the outside in order to hold her leggies up!  Unfortunately, those panties slid down too, and Callie walked out with her panties drooping between her knees!!!!  Hahahaha!!!!  It was absolutely hysterical and the whole church laughed!!  It was such a sweet, innocent moment;  Callie thought everyone was just happy to see her!!  She threw out her biggest smile, waved to everyone, and danced and sang her little heart out for the entire play...
What a precious little baby!!  (I think this was the ONLY moment she wasn't cheesing it up! Glen was probably talking here and she needed a little more attention, please.)  :)

Daddy brought his best girl roses after her big night!

Cutie Cal and Al!!
THAT is the sassy smile Callie had on all night...
Don't you just want to kiss all over her?!?!
So excited for the many, many, many more children's programs to come...
including those awesomely funny 'undies' moments.  ;)


  1. Hahaha, oh my gosh!!! Poor Callie!!! Hello reliving that moment at her wedding slideshow! Hahaha!! And brother really looks like he REALLY REALLY enjoyed that cupcake!! Haha! That's how I look after dinner these days.

  2. PS: More blog posts. I love this.


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