Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Trip to the Mall... with LANDRY!!

Here's a quick and fun little post about Landry's first shopping trip to the Alexandria Mall!  She asked all her little friends to come join her for a little Chick-Fil-A and play time.
As shown by the picture below, our kids are pros at that kind of thing.  ;)

These two fight like brother and sister...
and are inseparable like brother and sister.
What a cute pair!

"Here! We can pose at the top of here and you can take our picture, Lissie." - Rylie

Such sweet smiles!

Landry Girl!!!

Silly face!!

Landry is such a sweetie and we can't wait for more play dates with her!!  Maybe she will enjoy rides on the garbage bins, too...??  ;)

Love doing life with these two!! 

Hurry up, Baby Brother!  You have lots of squeezes waiting for you!  :))


  1. Okay, I just teared up because Van looks like such a big girl in that last picture!!! I miss her!! And brother...and you...and baby brother...and Wadie...and y'all's house...and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Why do we have to live so far apart???? And end dramatic rant now.


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