Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Emory Grace Mackey

On January 29, 2013,
my best friend delivered her best friend...
Miss Emory Grace.
She was the cuddliest, sweetest, and most precious little beauty and
my arms were ACHING to hold her.

Emory with her most favorite Aunt Lissie...

Emory's daddy was SO sweet!  He played games with the kids so that I could just sit and snuggle my newest little girl!

Isn't she a doll?!?!?  She is the picture of health, praise the Lord!

Sneaky smilessssss!!!!  :))))

I ADORE seeing Meg as a MOMMY!!!!  It makes me so happy, and more importantly, I see how happy it makes Megan!!  This is such a sweet time and I'm so thankful Jesus designed our to lives to intertwine so perfectly so that I could be a part of this special moment in Meg's life!

I mean, seriously?!?  Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks off?!?!?
And those perfect lips!  Ahhhhhh, I love her!!  

I'm sad this picture is blurry, but this was so precious!!  Andrew was standing next to the bed, just staring at Emory!  He loves her already!  Can't wait for their wedding in 30 years!!  :))  And I love Van and Justin in the background..  SO cute and such a foreshadowing of what's to come for him and his Emory!

Here is a picture of Megan visiting me in the hospital the day I had Andrew....

I remember how much that meant to me and I'm SOO glad I was able to visit with Meg in the hospital with her first baby!!! It's such a priceless moment that passes by too quickly!!!

Love. Love. Love.

 So thankful for this beautiful baby girl who is such a blessing to me and my family already.
Emory, I'm ready for slumber parties whenever you are...  ;)
And so the journey begins....
Congratulations to my Mackeys, party of THREE!!!!!!  :)))))))


  1. Andddddd more tears!!!!! Can you believe it has been 4 weeks already?! My precious baby is a month old!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I'm so blessed to have you as a BFF! Thank you for driving up again to see us! It really was so special and I will never forget it!! Emory loves her Aunt Lissie!!!! We want to play soon!!

  2. PS: I'm so impressed that you are caught up!!

  3. PPS: I typed these comments one handed while I hold E with the other! #mommyhood


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