Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boys!!

On January 17, 2013, my little Andrew Paul turned TWO! I'm not sure how that happened... wasn't he JUST born only 2 DAYS ago???  Time has flown by and my baby doesn't look like this anymore::
Andrew is the toughest, roughest, sweetest little man in the world!  He follows in Sister's footsteps, imitating EVERYTHING that she does.  He has the cutest little personality..  all smiles and giggles and rarely gets upset (even after falling out of the buggy.. TWICE.  Yikes.)  He loves to snuggle, but only until about 7:30 AM.  Then he is ready to put on his green froggy boots and tromp around in the mud.  Nothing makes him happier.  Unless there is a truck he can fill with dirt or a plane he can watch in the sky. :) 
He usually goes by the names, "Brother" or "Baloo" or "Balookeys" and I love that!! He loves giving 'dukes'..  and it kinda looks like he was born giving dukes in that picture!  Ha!  Currently, our most exciting play time activity is making up Jimmie James stories...  Jimmie James is a pirate that lives in the wall at our house and sometimes we need to hide under the covers or bang on the wall, depending on what time of day it is.  Andrew lovessss when Jimmie James is home and we loooove seeing his huge eye balls and his excited whispers when he is pretending that Jimmie James is just around the corner...  ;)
He is my precious little boy, my "humble warrior."  We are already praying for his heart, that he come to know and love Jesus at an early age, bravely sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as he grows up.  He reminds me so much of Wade..  he has the sweetest heart and is so kind and compassionate.  It is truly a privilege to be his mom and I'll spend the rest of my life adoring and cherishing him.
Oh, how I love my beautiful boy...
He is my absolute delight.
We planned a trip to the camp at Toledo Bend for Andrew and Wade's birthday! Wadie turned the big 27 on Jan 19!  I could go on and on about how amazing/adorable/perfect he is, but I think we all already know that!  :))  He is the kindest husband, the most precious daddy, and the greatest friend any of us could have ever asked for!  Happy Birthday, my sweet Wadie boy!!!
On the Wednesday night before we left for the camp, we had a small birthday celebration at Chick-Fil-A with our Lifegroup!!  It was so fun and such a sweet memory!
Daddy and Brother are bffs!  Andrew's favorite part of the day is hearing Daddy's truck pull up in the driveway.. then is RACING out of the back doors, screaming "DADDYYYYY!!!!! DADDDYYYYY!!!" He gets ECSTATIC when Daddy gets home and rightly so.. Wadie picks him up, kisses all over him, and then says, "Uhhh ohhhh... I hear a DINOSAUR coming!!" And they come racing into the house, ready for dinner and a few wrestling matches before bed. It. is. the. best.

 Savannah and Andrew get along SO well...  and I am SO thankful!

Here's a picture of our family for Andrew's FIRST birthday...

And here we are for his SECOND!!!

Digging in!
Ohhhhh, icinggggggg!!!!

Nom nom nom!!!  I think Brother loves it!

So proud to call this little man my son!

My heart!
Happy Birthday, my boys!!!!!!!!

This is the first sunset that greeted us on our Toledo Bend birthday weekend! 

Haha, poor Cal.  The kids really did LOVE the camp..  they had the BEST time and it was so fun to watch them hiking trails and pigging out on barbequed chicken!  :)

Our second sunset...  stunning.
Our sweet friends and neighbors, Kelli and Troy, got to come up with us for the weekend! 
Here we are on Saturday night, frying fish and chicken and french fries!  Delicious!  And healthy!  ;)

The birthday boy doing what he does best:
Wadie's most favorite kind of cake is chocolate. On chocolate. On chocolate.  So that makes my job pretty easy!  I made him the Hershey's Chocolate Cake that's on the back of the baking cocoa box...  it is SO good and is one of our most favorites!!! 

Our last day at the camp...
here we are walking one of the trails!
Isn't it lovely??

And this is why you need to go on hikes with men.

Our last sunset!
So thankful for these two!!!

Can't wait until we can take the whole lifegroup up there!!
Beautiful hubby showcasing the beautiful sky!

Vannie loved being in the woods!!


Eating lunch before heading home!
(See the gorgeous magnolia tree in the back??  I WANT ONE!!!!)

We also added a new addition to the family.
Except this one catches mice.  :)
Meet Cocoa/ Coco Chanel/ Cocoa Puffs/ Coconut.
That's Andrew's, mine, Wadie's, and then Vannie's name for our new kitten...
sorry, we are indecisive.
Good thing we can't do that when naming our kids.  ;)

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