Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lifegroup Parties!

One of the highlights of our week EVERY week is Wednesday night!  We meet together with our lifegroup, where we eat and hang out and then Wade leads our Bible Study!  Occasionally, we host it at our home, but usually we meet at Kelli and Troy's home which, conveniently, is right next door!  It is sooooo wonderful and such a blessing!  It's SO encouraging to have such sweet friends that all love the Lord and want to share His love with our community!
Every meeting, we have a food theme and everyone brings something that relates to that theme.  This past Wednesday, the theme was the letter "L" for the newest member of our lifegroup, Landry!!!  If you have seen the latest Southern Living, you know there was an incredible Lemon Cheesecake on the cover and when I saw it, I was sold... 
So even though it took 3 days to make, it was worth.every.minute.
Here is the final assembling steps!
This is the crust... that chilled for 24 hours...
and the filling that then had to chill for another 24 hours!

 The incredible lemon curd covering...

... and candied lemon slices on top!!
I was beaming when I set this out!  I was so proud of it and I'm so glad everybody loved it!!! 
Funny how it takes 3 days to make, but only 3 minutes to consume!!  :))

The following Friday, we had a crawfish boil out at the house!  Here is Brother with his crawfish jammies on, getting ready for his big night of boiled crawfish and shrimp pizza.

Not only does Vannie live in these princesses dresses, she sleeps in them, too!
I'm lucky to get them off of her for bath time!

Daddy arrived with the crawfish!!!!!

Insert your own karate chop words here.

Dinner!!!!!!!!  Yum??  Haaa!
 Pretty, pretty princesses...  standing 5 feet away from the "ewww, yuckyyyy" crawfish!

Shanny was excited!!!!!!!  :))  Everybody was pumped and couldNOT wait to chow down!  We had a whole ice chest full of the potatoes, corn, sausage, and mushrooms that would have been amazing by themselves!  Just ask me...  I had 6 leftover corns for lunch yesterday!  Hahaa!!  They are STILL unbelieveably delicious!  I couldn't put them down!
This was the first time that Wadie boiled crawfish by himself and I can't tell you how many people said it was THE BEST crawfish they have ever had!  I think he was dubbed, "Master Chef," by the end of the night! It was absolutely incredible and I was SO proud of him!  We are already planning our next one... in like 3 weeks.  We are obsessed.  :)

Our lifegroup plus a few extra friends!!  What a fun night!!!!
We absolutely LOVE doing life with these people!

The other day, I found this website that showed fun activities to do with your preschool-age children!  I looked at a few of them and since I had all the supplies on hand for this one, we tried it out yesterday!  Here are the babies, creating a "space helmet" with pipe cleaners and a colander....

Ready for take off!!!!!!!!!!  :))))

Passing the crown on to Sissy!!  Ha, they loved this game and it actually held their attention for a whole....  ten minutes!  :)

Last, but not least, what do you do when it has rained and rained all day and suddenly there is a break in the weather??  Put on your rain boots and splash in the puddles, of course!!!! 
Brother discovered this little trick all on his own and I couldn't help rushing back inside to grab the camera!!  So funny!  So cute! Such a boy! :) 

 Sister thought it looked fun, so she joined in for a second... until Brother splashed mud on her Tinker Bell dress.  Then it was not so fun anymore.  She is me.  Hahaha!!
And I love how Brother NEVER has pants on!!! Ahhhhh!!!
Two words::
Pure. Bliss.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying over the mud splashing pictures!!!! So stinking cute!! And what is Van going to do when she outgrows those dresses??!! That will be the saddest day everrrrr! My stomach is growling now! Wish we could have been there!!

  2. I smiled the whole time I read this post!

  3. ok, I am drooling over that lemon cheesecake!!! xoxo


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