Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Along with the warmer weather, our tax refund check arriving (Whooo hoooo!!), and strawberries coming into season, there has been one more exciting change that has happened!  Shanny got a puppyyyy!  Her name is Demi and Brother is in love.
Brother had the best time playing with a friend just his size!!  Here is the last afternoon we spent at Shanny's apartment... She and Jon recently moved into their very first renthouse!!!!!  Pics coming soon! 

Soooo this is Taste of Home's Strawberry Cake!! White on the outside, pink on the inside, I made this sweet cake for a Mommy and Me lunch date at Jen's house and it. was. divine.  Doesn't it just scream, "SPRING?!?"

A sweet & white potato bar, salad, fruit, and cauliflower soup (perfection!!!!) were also on the menu!

Meanwhile, Brother was put to work outside!!

Play dates!!

 Because I couldn't stay away from my Emory Grace, Wade and I brought the kids up to Shreveport for a little afternoon visit!!!  Vannie and Brother were so excited to see their favorite, newest little friend!  How sweet is this baby girl?!?!
Her ADORABLE nurseryyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!
I am CRAZY about it!!!!!!

Andrew with his new hat from his favorite Uncle Justin!!!!!!!!!!  

Such a perfect little mommy already!!

Emory + Lissie = BFFS.

We discovered that Wadie really is a Baby Whisperer... As soon as I handed Emory to him, she was quiet and calm.  He either has a gift or a very funny face..  Ha!!  I think it's the beard...  it gets the girls every time!  :))

"Ummmm.... who the heck are you???" Hahaaaa!
Awwwwwwww!!!  She loves that Uncle Wadie!!!
 My sweet babies all together...  it makes my heart so happy!!!  :))

 I love my Mackey family!!!
Even though Emory had only been here for 1 month in this picture, it somehow feels like she has been here for so much longer.  Like she has always been a part, always belonged.
We waited for her for so long and she is everything we could have ever hoped for...

We love you, sweet girl!! We will be back to visit SOON!!! :)))

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Butterfly Ball!

On March 2, 2013, Jen and I loaded up the Expedition with 5 babies and headed down south to Thibodaux!!  Nana's church had planned a fundraiser to help their mission team get to Brazil and had put together the most precious, most girly event ever...  a BUTTERFLY BALL!!!  The girls had coordinating dresses and bows for their big event and I can't tell you how excited they were about going to a REAL LIFE ball...  I will be sad when they are too grown up to appreciate dressing up and going to balls; this brief time where lip gloss instantly puts a smile on their face and a cupcake puts a song in their heart.  Most of the time, anyway...  :)  They are so sweet and so precious, so innocent and so full of life and joy!  I'm savoring all of it in my heart.
I know this is kind of a strange picture, but it makes me laugh how the promise of McDonald's french fries can get the girls and Brother to do just about anything..  including gulping down a cold turkey and cheese sandwich, not arguing, not whining, and sitting still. 
Those little fries are kind of a miracle.  ;)
Who do you know that eats fries one at a time???
Definitely NOT Brother!  Haa!!  YUM!!

Once we got into town, Grammie and Pops had a surprise waiting for us!  A Sam's size box of Laffy Taffy's, a bin of bubbles and bubble wands, a big bag of Cheeto's, and a wagon full of flowers ready to be planted!  I'll let you guess who bought the Laffy Taffy's and who picked out the flowers...  ;)
Haha, I love my mom and dad!!
Here is Rylie, showing Brother how to plant the pretty flowers!

So happy to be at Grammie and Pops' house!!!

Feeding the birds!!!

And back to planting...

Cal quickly gave up on the flowers and moved on to bubbles...

Putting the finishing touches!

Such good little helpers!

Later on that evening, we drove across the bayou to Nana and Paw's house!
Here's cutie Callie with Nan's glasses on!  Ha, so stinking adorable!

Oh myyyyy!!!

When it was bedtime, everyone was invited to crash in Brother's crib!

Bright and early on Saturday morning, we put on our fancy new dresses and got ready to go... except for Brother, who spent the day hanging out with Paw!

Love Callie's sweet expression here!

Mommy makes the best hairdresser!
Headed to Houma!

Such cute babies!!!!!

Turning in their tickets at the front desk...

All the girls!!!!!!

So excited to go in!

And of course I had to take pictures of all the decorations...
seriously, how beautiful is this?!?!

Charming little centerpieces!

Butterfly napkins!!!!

Two beautiful butterfly cakes!

Snack in a butterfly bag!

Sooooooo pretty!!!!!  Look at those cupcakes!

Cheeeeeesy smiles!!!!

Eyeing the cookie decorating station... 
Decorating their very own butterfly sugar cookie!

So fun!!

Sadie was loving it!!

Callie with her big girl cookie!!

So proud of herself! :))

Vannie and her Nana!!
I love my little butterfly!  :)

Hahahhaa, Callie!!! I think she has had a different facial expression in every picture!!! :)
 Here is Jenny with her three little butterflies!
Enjoying their cookies!

Little ladies...

Second craft::
Making caterpillars from egg cartons and pipe cleaners!  Adorable!!

Third craft::
Making butterflies from coffee filters!!  How cute!!

Lunch time included a butterfly sandwich, cheese cubes, cocktail sausages, and grapes...

...with 'Butterfly Nectar' to drink!!!!  :)))
Story time!!!!!
The cute storyteller read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!"

So hard to believe these little twins will be in KINDERGARTEN in 5 months!

So sweet!!!!!!

ANDDDDDDDDD look who won the Butterfly Raffle Basket?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
"Jennifer.... Shaa... Sharrr...  (quiet voice) Sharb....ono??"  Hahaaa!
We were SOOOO EXCITED!!! Yaaayyyyy!!!!
Our 4 girls were ECSTATIC!!!!!

This was the handout they gave all the little butterflies:
the Gospel.  Praying that our little girls come to know and love Jesus at a very early age!

One of my favorite pictures from the day!!!!
Grammie and her Cal-girl!!!!

Rocking her new glasses from that Raffle Basket!

Playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie..

Princess Sadie with another prize from the basket!

Sooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!!
Can't wait to recreate this at TGP!!!!!

After the ball, we headed to a local pizza place, Peppers, and devoured this White Veggie Pizza.  I know it looks weird, but it was life-changing.  Life. Changed.

It was so wonderful to get to spend the day together with these babies, Nana, Paw, Grammie, and Pops!! It makes me eternally grateful for family.  Specifially, for THIS family...

 I know it's blurry, but I had to put it up...
We are best friends forever.  :))
And lastly, here's a belly shot of me at 26 weeks!!!
This is actually the very first belly picture I've taken by myself this pregnancy and it will probably be my only one for awhile, haa!  I just don't think to take them, so I wanted to be sure to save the one shot I did get!  :))
 We are now at 28 weeks and the sweetest moments of my day are feeling baby boy move while watching his older brother and sister hugging and kissing my belly and telling baby brother how much they love him and can't wait for him to be here. I hope I never forget each belly rub, each kiss, each time they look really hard at my belly button and tell me how they can see little brother already...  :))

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