Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Magel

On March 23, 2013, Ashlyn and Andrew Magel were married!!  Our family got to celebrate with them as they planned for their big day! 
Here are my babies at the Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding!

The centerpiece at the front door!  It's a family tree!!  How cuuuuute!

The Rehearsal Dinner favors...  MAGNETS!

After dinner, these 5 couldn't wait to lose their shoes and run around in the grass.
Love all five of those smiles!

For the wedding, Andrew wore the most adorable outfit from his favorite Aunt Jenny!!!!  Here is proud Daddy teaching Brother how to wear a bowtie!!

Blurry... but so cute!

My little man!

Vannie was ready for the party!

The view walking up!


The shot Van got when she took my camera!  I thought it was pretty good, haa!

Nanny and Vannie, Jenny, Jude and Brother!

The wedding favors..  Mayhaw Jelly!

The beautiful wedding cake!!!  I love all the white!

The cutest couple!!  Parents of the bride!
Three beauties ready to walk....

Precious flowergirls!!!!

Beautiful girl, beautiful flowers, beautiful dress!
I love my Owl!!

KK & Jenny Girl!

Shanny & Vannie!!!!

Cutie little Calla-lilly!! All three girls did such a good job!!!

The wedding party!

Here comes the GORGEOUS bride!

My new favorite thing::  White wedding bouquets!
I love the simplicity and elegance!  Such a sweet picture!

Trying to keep this hambone quiet for the service was not easy!! Thank goodness for bubble gum, chapstick, iPhones, and the Folses!  Haa!

Callie has perfected Lissie eyes!!!!! :))))

Sweet Sadie Grace!

Praying over the newlyweds! I absolutely love this!!
Officially Mr. & Mrs!

Sweet Casey and Brother!

Shanny Baby was working hard and loving every minute of it! :))

I absolutely adore all the white decorations! Sooo pretty!!

Such a precious family!

First dance of the rest of their lives!

The first 2 girls out on the dance floor, haa!

Breaking it down!

Money dance with the cutest brother there!!! :)) I love this one!!

The ladies can't get enough!  ;)

After a few rounds though, Brother was ready to get back to Mom...  haa!

This is the face of PURE. BLISS.

There's nothing that makes these babies happier than a dance party!!!!!!
Loved their faces so much I had to zoom in...

A million congratulations to our sweet, new Magel family!!!!!  :))))

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bogue Chitta Adventure Race

For the Ides of March, which is March 15th in case you didn't know, ((Dad and Jen - I'm still waiting on my $100.00!!!! :)), we celebrated by camping out the night before Wadie's second Bogue Chitta Adventure Race!  Here is the link to the last race we did there in 2011...  the pictures of Andrew and Callie are unreal!!  They have grown SO much!!!! Bogue Chitta Race 2011

Here are the little bunnies making s'mores the night before the big race!

At 8 AM, the boys picked up their maps!

Good luck snuggles right before race time!

Waiting to send Daddy and Poppa off!

Rylie ready to cheer on her favorite Uncle Wadie!

Team Krunk: Amber, Mr. Billy, and Wade!!

Aaaaaand they're off!

And so it begins at 9 AM.

Still feeling good at 9:30..

And it was probably around 10:30 AM when Mr. Billy said he was having chest pains.... uh ohhhhh!!

Thankfully, Nathan was there to help fill in so that Mr. Billy could rest for the remainder of the race!

At 11:30, we set up a picnic while waiting for our team to stop at their Mystery Event!

Jenny and her baby... for only 2 more months!!!!

Here they come!!!!!!

3 hours into the race and still feeling good... until they see what they have to do!

Make a sled, drag one teammate to the line, switch a person, and then drag it back. Across the sand.  In the heat. Soooooo suuuuuuper fuuuuuun!!!!!  Hah!!!

Amber needed some refreshment after that challenge!

And a tan.  :))

And finally, four hours later, Team Krunk crossed the finish line!!!!!!!!!  Hooorayyyyy!!

Enjoying his well-earned dinner!!

Discussing the team's strengths and weaknesses... ;)

That afternoon, we took a stroll through the woods before we headed out!

Cousins and best little friends!!

Amber showing off her fancy tan lines!! Niiiiice!!  :))

So proud of my beautiful husband!!!!  Way to go, Wadie!
 Bogue Chitta - we will be back!!!!  :))

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