Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Especially Sweet Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day, we headed to New Orleans to spend the weekend with Granny Lou!
The boys cooked while the girls took care of the babies, all while still celebrating Vannie's birthday and visitng with our favorite Lou Lou!

Hungry??  Grab a Twix!!  And a potato.  ;)

Because no post of mine is complete until you've seen what I had for lunch.. HAA!

Nana and Paw surprised Savannah with this adorable birthday cake!!!!!

In her new Cinderella wedding dress with her Cinderella cake!!
There is definitely no question who her favorite princess is! :))

Blowing out her candles!!
Cinderella's getting married, y'all!!!!

I can't help it...  I love this picture of that little sweet face!

Opening more gifts with Granny!

We love our Granny!

A few sweet smiles from Mother's Day::

That boy is SERIOUS about his cake!!  :))

Happy Mother's Day, Granny!!  We love you!!!

May be the best picture of the day::

Every time we go to Lou Lou's house, Brother rides her chicken.
Sister would feel the need to clarify to you that it's really a rooster, but Brother's not listening to any of that.  He screams, "CHICKEN!!!!!" and runs to his little friend where he sits and rides for a little while before hopping off to go play elsewhere.  I'm going to miss these days...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kathryn Jean Kees

Back in November, we found out our little Hezzy Baby was going to HAVE a baby!!!!!! We have looked forward to throwing her a baby shower since that day! On May 18, on the weekend of Heather and Jason's first wedding anniversary, we got to do just that!  We booked the LC Alumni House and Jen and I put together a pink and white party for our sweet, newest little niece,
Miss Kathryn Jean Kees!!!
Meggie and Emory made it to the shower!!  And Savannah, Sadie, and Rylie loved playing with them both, especially during meal time!! Haha!!

Jen made this chevron diaper cake!!!!!!!!!!!!  FABULOUSSSS!!!

The party favors!  Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins... with fresh yellow roses from Jen's rosebush!
Just a few of the dishes:
How pretty is this fruit tray!?

Key Lime Mousse Tarts!

The beautiful cupcakes!!

The tablescape!!! 

Front sign-in table!!  

Three of Heather's sweet friends created this STUNNING fingerprint tree!
It  holds the prints of all the guests that came to the shower and will hang in Kate's room!
Absolutely incredible.
Here is sweet Casey signing in!
Beautiful Al with beautiful Landry!!!

Here is Heather walking in!!!!

Hezzy with her precious college bestie, Tamera!!!! 
Freaking out about the Hezzy's baby bump!!!

All the LC girls back together again!

Skinny Shanny feeling Baby Kate!
Heather's face when she saw all the pretty food! 

Such a little cutie!!

Heather and Kara!
 Heather is so blessed!  Specifically with 5 little helpers that can drop/smash/open her gifts before she can! :))

Such sweet gifts from such sweet friends!

Brother LOVED being a big helper!

Can't believe there will be a new baby girl to play with in August!!!!!!!!

38 and 36 weeks pregnant with Baby Grant and Baby Jude!
I love being pregnant with my Jenny!!!!

Aunt Meggie is always so much fun!!!

It's a little hard to tell, but everyone has on coordinating chevron dresses (minus Brother!) and we HAD to get a picture of them all!!  Just for future reference::
Emory: 4 months, Savannah: 4, Sadie: 5, Andrew: 2, Callie: 2, Rylie: 4, and Landry: 6 months!!

Me and Meggie's babies!!!

I love my sweet friend!!!

36 weeks, 30 weeks, and 38 weeks pregnant.
Jen's due date: June 14.  Heather's due date: Aug 2. My due date: June 1.

So thankful to Jesus for allowing us this ONE time in our lives to ALL be pregnant together!!!
What a precious memory to have and share with your best and closest friends in all the world!

The very last picture of all three sisters pregnant together. :)
The next time we see Hez, Grant and Jude will both be here and looking forward to meeting their new pink cousin in August!
The new parents!!!!!!!
The Fats. Hezzy Girl. Wifey Wife. 
And  now:
Mom-to-be. :))
Thank you, Jesus, for Jase and Hezzy, and for their incredible little girl on the way!
Baby Kate - you have two aunts in Pineville that are going to fight to be your favorite.  We will always secretly know that I win, but you can sometimes say Jenny is your favorite if you have to...  We'll share a wink and know the truth in our hearts. :))
I love youuuuuu and can't wait to share all the joys and adventures of life with you!!!!

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