Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Especially Sweet Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day, we headed to New Orleans to spend the weekend with Granny Lou!
The boys cooked while the girls took care of the babies, all while still celebrating Vannie's birthday and visitng with our favorite Lou Lou!

Hungry??  Grab a Twix!!  And a potato.  ;)

Because no post of mine is complete until you've seen what I had for lunch.. HAA!

Nana and Paw surprised Savannah with this adorable birthday cake!!!!!

In her new Cinderella wedding dress with her Cinderella cake!!
There is definitely no question who her favorite princess is! :))

Blowing out her candles!!
Cinderella's getting married, y'all!!!!

I can't help it...  I love this picture of that little sweet face!

Opening more gifts with Granny!

We love our Granny!

A few sweet smiles from Mother's Day::

That boy is SERIOUS about his cake!!  :))

Happy Mother's Day, Granny!!  We love you!!!

May be the best picture of the day::

Every time we go to Lou Lou's house, Brother rides her chicken.
Sister would feel the need to clarify to you that it's really a rooster, but Brother's not listening to any of that.  He screams, "CHICKEN!!!!!" and runs to his little friend where he sits and rides for a little while before hopping off to go play elsewhere.  I'm going to miss these days...


  1. And now you have a 3 by your side!!!!!

  2. I love the Cinderella cake!! So cute! Y'all are just the sweetest family and I'm so blessed to be a tiny little part of y'all's life!!!


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