Monday, May 27, 2013

Emory's First Trip to Lissie's House!!!

Our sweet and precious Emory Grace came to visit!!!!!!  This was her first trip to Aunt Lissie's house and I absolutely cannot wait for her to come back and visit again!!!  We had the BEST time!!!

But then...  how would you NOT have the best time with this beautiful and totally adorable 3 month old baby girl?!?!?!??!
Brother was enthralled!
My sweet little Emmyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I absolutely adore her!!!!!

Bffs already!!!!! :))

Seeing Emory made Brother ready to meet his new baby brother... who is coming SO SOON!!!!!

Our sweet friends, Casey and Landry, came to visit Emory, too!!!
Such little cuties!!

I love watching how our families just keep growing!

Landry loves her toesies!!!

The three girls with all of our babies!!!! At least until June..  ;)

Meggie with Landry and Emory.. their first picture all together!

Emory and her not-so-favorite Aunt Shanny!!  Haha!!

I mean, seriously??  Howwww cuuuuuute!!
Should we just go ahead and order the wedding invitations now??  :)))


  1. Andrew does love Emory! I think they will be married one day! And, OKAY! That is a terrible picture of me, haha! Also, everyone loves shinny! Landry loves her so much that she marked her territory today by pooping on her! Oh I cannot wait for Grant to be here! Any day now!!!!!!

  2. 1) why you hatin? I told her a joke it was so funny she cried ;)
    2) why am I part of the family until it comes to crawfish? #rude #kickedout


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