Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Savannah!

To start off our May, Jenny made these mini cherry pies and they were too pretty and and too DELICIOUS to not take a picture of!  So darling!
Anybody know who this precious baby girl is?!  I'll give you a hint... she is my heart. :))
On May 10, our precious bucket, our pookie poonyas, our firstborn baby turned FOUR!
I'm not sure how it happened.. she was just spitting out her mushy sweet potatoes, monkey-crawling on the floor, and wearing the biggest bows Mommy could find!  Now her hair is longer, she has a mouthful of teeth, and a mind packed with imagination...  but her giant blue eyes still hold the same joyous sparkle they did when she was a newborn.

We started celebrating her birthday week by having a little party at Lifegroup!
Here is Casey with the Minne Mouse book she and Alan got for Vannie! Sooo sweet!

Our little Minnie Mouse!

Hoooowwww are there FOUR candles on your cake, Savan?!  Already?!?
Ahhhh, please stay Mommy's little girl foreverrrr!

Taste of the South's Strawberry Preserves Cake!!
Savannah picked it out and it was the best... because it was pink.  Obviously.  :))

That. Face. :)))))
Jenny and Lissie.
35 and 37 weeks pregnant!!!  :))

Pops, Jenny, and Jude!!

On Savan's actual birthday, our Hezzy and Jase came into town and we celebrated with a crawfish boil and cupcakes!!!
The gorgeous princess with her new dress from her favorite Aunt Hezzy!!!

Cinderella is ready to hit up Old Navy with a gift card from her favorite Aunt Jenny!!!

4 years ago..
And today..

We are beyond blessed with our precious, precious daughter!

 I don't know if life gets any better than this... celebrating such sweet moments in life with such sweet family.
It's pretty priceless.

The cupcake stand, the cupcakes, and the cupcake toppers!!!!!!
How insanely amazing is this?!?!?!  I was so overwhelmed!!!  She is soooo talented... I am in awe!!!

And, of course, they were the DC Bakery vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache cupcake recipes! :))
Absolutely fabulous!!!!  Heather, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work!!!!!  Youuuu areeee theeee besttttttt!!!!  Just don't tell Jen! ;))

The brothers working hard on the crawfish!

Swimming time!!!!

So glad these beautiful babies will get to celebrate all of their birthdays together!

Such sweet little friends!

You can never start teaching them too early how to do crawfish boil right...

Cute little Wadie doing one of the things he does best... COOK!
Jen and Sadie diving in!
Yes, please!!
 Birthday cake(s) time!!

Finally, it's time to do more than LOOK at the cupcakes!!!
It's time to EAT!!! :))

Mmmmmmmm, DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny - 35 weeks.  Lissie - 37 weeks.  Hezzy - 29 weeks.
Being pregnant together - an incredible gift that only God could have given!!
After a busy, busy day, it was time to crash.  :))

So we had a slumber party...
Can't wait to do this for the next 20 years!!! And I'm so thankful that Brother will have a little brother and a little cousin to have BOY slumber parties with, haa!
 I love my big girl!!!  I think she asked everyday for the past month when she would turn 4... "because I don't want to be little and 3 is little." Haaa!!  So thankful for the wonderful past 4 years, thankful to wake up and take care of my Vannie everyday, thankful that every moment has been spent teaching, playing, and loving each other. 
Savan, I hope you always know how much you are loved, how blessed we are to be your parents.  You were God's before you were ours... and I pray that you learn to trust in Jesus and love Him at a very early age so that you can spend your life in service to Him.  It's the best life I could ask and pray and want for you.  His ways are right and true and pure.  He loves you, Vannie, more than Mommy and Daddy ever could.
Know Him. Love Him. Pursue Him.  He is all that matters. He is everything.
He has a precious plan for your life... even at 4 years old.
We love you, Savannah, beyond any words I could write here.
Happy 4th Birthday, Bucket.

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