Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Easter To You!!

 Easter 2013 was absolutely egg-cellent.  :))  We got together with our church family on the Saturday before Easter at LC for our annual TGP Easter Egg Hunt!!

Sweet Brother loved the jumper!

I couldn't pass this up...  Look how little Andrew was last year!!!!!  I just want to kiss all over that face!!!

Me and my little bunnies!!

Ready to get their hunt on!

You'll have to ask Brother how he gets bloody knees at an innocent Easter Egg Hunt... #suchaboy!!

Little Bunny Foo Foo scooping up the eggs!!

Get 'emmmmm!!!

Because flashbacks are my favorite...  :)
Here is our preschool nursery in 2010!



And 2013!! We have a fertile church and we love it!!  :))

2012 close up... (Love Sayleigh in the back!  Haa!!)

Close up in 2013!  Hahaaa, all these facial expressions crack me up!

 Last throwback, I promise!
This is the original shot that started our yearly tradition of taking pictures of our church preschoolers...

3 years later, here are the original five!!  (Sadly, Jackson lives out of town!)
Rylie, Claire, Ireland, Savannah, and Sadie!  These pictures will definitely be used at their high school graduation!! :)) Love that they all have each other!

The pregnant mommas!!!  (I was 31 weeks here!)  It was SO much fun to all be pregnant together!  What a sweet memory!!

  I never ever want Easter to be focused around baskets, eggs, and bunnies.  It will ALWAYS be about Jesus.  How He was crucified on the cross, triumphed over death, and IS ALIVE TODAY!!!!  How exciting!!  How wonderful!! How could the truth of that not absolutely consume you and fill you with the greatest joy?!?!  Seriously, I could burst into, "Up From the Grave, He Aroseeeee" right now!!  Haa!  Easter Sunday makes me so happy  and sets me on a cloud unlike any other day!  We have the greatest hope because Jesus defeated death.  Easter Sunday made ALL the difference!!!  Our precious Jesus is ALIVE!!!!  And I think that calls for a celebration!  :))

So later that Saturday night, after the babies had gone to bed, I stayed up late putting together their Easter baskets!  I had never made Easter baskets into a big deal before, but I want to be a "holidays mom!"  I want to make each holiday such a special and exciting event, something the kids look forward to and that we create traditions around..  it's an excuse for a party and who doesn't love that??  :))  As long as Jesus is the focus and the kids know WHY we are celebrating, as Jen put it, "There's no reason why we can't eat chocolate while we do it!"  :))  I think I had just as much fun buying and getting the baskets ready as the kids did finding and going through them! It was a BLAST!!

Here is Brother Bear's basket!  

And Vannie's basket!

At 1 AM, I finally decided that this arrangement was perfect.. I had sooo much fun! :))

I woke up the kids early Easter morning by walking into their rooms and screaming, "Ahhhhhh!!!!  He is alive!!!  Babies, wake up!!!  Jesus is ALIVE!!!!!"  Hahaha, their faces went from shock to confusion to sleepy-eyes smiles where I think they decided to just indulge me.  Haa!!  Wade and I talked to them about how Jesus had died on Friday and when two women went to the tomb on Sunday morning, it was EMPTY!!!! Jesus had risen from the dead!!  And then Savannah said, "And now he lives in our hearts!"  :))
So thankful for the gospel of the cross and for salvation through Jesus... and for babies to teach about these precious truths.

Discovering their baskets...

It was so neat to see what their most favorite prizes from the basket were!
For Brother, it was his new Thomas the Train plate!!

Sister's was her new Strawberry Shortcake movie!  It will be interesting to see how their baskets and favorites change from year to year!

 Brother's face when he discovered M&M's in the eggs was PRICELESS!!!! 
And I know Savan's preschool workbook looks lame..  but she absolutely LOVES it!!  Really!  She begs to do schoolwork! So there.  Haha!

One thing I forgot to plan for... Easter breakfast!  Ahhhh!
Here is my last-minute attempt at a creative breakfast!  Wade made egg-citing eggs. :)) And the kids and I cut rabbits out of sandwich bread, fried them up in butter, and covered them in syrup.  Nobody complained.  :))

Brother has learned how to do Lissie eyes!!!! Hoorayyyy!!  Ha, here is Daddy helping Brother get ready for church...  yes, we had to look up you-tube videos to figure out how to tie a tie! That made for a funny Easter morning memory! ;)

I love my little man... he makes me so look forward to my second little man on the way!

I love him!!

Happy Easter from the cutest bunnies in our burrow!  :)

My sweet loves!

Okay, I can't help it...
Here is how our Easter family pictures have changed... 2010


Apparently, there's no 2012 family pic,
but here we are now!!  Happy Easter 2013!!!!

Our 12th Easter together... and each one is truly even sweeter than the one before.
I love growing up and growing old with him!

And because you have to see what we ate for Easter...
Here are my homemade peanut butter and chocolate eggs!!!!

We had a big family Easter dinner at Mr. Billy and Mrs. Dixie's home.. and by big, I mean steaks, sausage, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, and french fries. With boiled corn, mushrooms, and potatoes. Oh.My.Gosh.I.Know.

Last picture I HAVE to post from 2011..  I found this on my blog and the caption was, "This was 'Get to Know Jason' night... and he passed."  :))  Happy first married Easter to my favorite Kees family!!!!  :)) Can't wait for YOUR baby bunny to be here to celebrate with in Easter 2014!


  1. Where is my egg. Haha. Van is such a little diva, but in a good way. Y'all are such a beautiful family, inside and out!


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