Thursday, May 2, 2013

R is for RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!

On March 28, Dad walked out of the New Orleans nuclear power plant as a FREE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!  He RETIRED after slaving away for 28 years!!  No more working outages, no more waking up at 4 AM, no more 50 minute commutes...  only NONSTOP cokes, pizza, and parties for Daddy from here on out!!! :)) And he has earned every second of it!!!!!!  We are sooo happy for him and look forward to seeing his happy face up here in Pineville with us everydayyyyy!!!!!

Here is our surprise retirement party for Pops!!!

Hoorayyyyy for never having to go back to workkkkk!!!
 Love my sweet family!
German Chocolate Cake and present timeeeee!!

So this pic is a little rough, but it was SO good to have Hezzy and Jase home to celebrate with us and we had to have a picture of the 3 girls together!

Pops and his Vannie Baby!!

These girls looooove Pops and pizza night!!!

With all of his free time, Dad will get to::
play more board games...

...go golfing...

... and ride in his new golf cart!!!!!! Coming soon!!!

There is no Daddy who has sacrificed more, worked harder, and shown a better example of what a provider is than mine.  The countless hours, the early mornings and late nights, the years of hard work that allowed our mom to stay home with us were sometimes taken for granted growing up, but now as a parent myself, my heart is so thankful for my precious Daddy!  He afforded us a safe place to live, a secure and stable home that served the Lord...  his job may have been thankless, but it helped to shape who we are now as adults, the expectations and standards we have set for our own families, and the powerful, precious legacy we want to follow in and leave for our own children.  Ultimately, it changed our lives. And for that, I'll be eternally grateful.

Here's to the next 28, Pops!!!!!  Only these next 28 years will include coffee on the front porch at dawn, naps at noon, and family dinners together at dusk... P.A.R.T.Y. T.I.M.E. I hope you're ready! :)))

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  1. Lis!! This post made me tear up! Your dad is so wonderful! I can't wait for Grammy and pops to move here!


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