Monday, May 27, 2013

Sick Days and Sweet Friends!

Two of our sweet friends came to visit one weekend in April and it was SO wonderful to get to sit and talk .. our times to do that are so far and few between!
Vannie was so excited to see Candy and Alyse!!!

Can't believe it's been 5 years since we all went to college together!
I'm sooo thankful for our precious friendships!!!!

Brother and Savan got super congested with all the springtime pollen, so we had an indoor fishing day with Daddy!!  Here is Brother with his fishing hat and fishing rod in his boat.. while wearing his pink lifejacket!! :))

Captain Daddy steering the boat with two little fisherman in the back! That would make ANYONE feel better!

After that, sweet Daddy had the idea of making sugar cookies!!  So we enlisted the help of our two tiny chefs and mixed, rolled, shaped, baked, iced, and sprinkled 6 dozen cookies.
SIX. Dozen.

It will probably be at least a year before we do this again... ha!! But it really was so fun to see how much the kids enjoyed it!! It put smiles on their wet and snotty little faces.. which made the massive clean up not quite so painful. ;)
And do you know what April showers bring??
A FOUR year old Vannie Girl on May 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Birthday pictures coming soon!!  :))

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