Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Reynolds' New Rent House!

Here are a few pictures of what April looked like for us!!

Callie and Andrew are truly two peas in a pod.  They love and fight with each other like brother and sister!  They pal around like they do with no one else!  It's the sweetest thing and I can't wait to watch them grow up together!

This is what happened when I said, "Put your heads together and say, 'Cheese!!!'"  Hahaa!

One SUPER exciting thing that happened is Shannon and Jon moved out of their apartment and into a rent house!!!!
How darling is their new home?!?

Shanny was so pumped to move in!!!  And even happier that the lifegroup had come to help!!! :))

Such a little cutie!!!

This is how Brother helped... by offering a smiling face as people had to step over him while holding heavy washers and dryers.  Hahaaa!

As helpful as that was, he was quickly asked to go babysit the puppy!

Sweet helpers!

Don't you love when people ask you to stop and take a picture as you are holding something extremely heavy??  Hahaa, sorrryyyyy!!

The cutest helpers there!

Another smiling face!!!

Who needs Cross-fit?!? ;)

Organizing Shan's hangers...

Good job, guyssss!!!

Our Pineville family. :))

Love how these people always show up with happy faces to help...
That is community.

Lastly, I made strawberry cupcakes for Ashlyn Magel's wedding shower... and even though I accidentally used black wrappers (ahhh, uhhh!), they tasted heaaaaveeennnlyyyyyy.  It was my first time to pipe the frosting using an icing bag with tips and although it was a mess, it.was.a.blast!!!!!!!  I loved it!

The kids enjoyed them as well!!!! :)))

Hope you all had a happy April, sweet friends!!! 


  1. Lovely pictures! How's the rent house going? It seems you had lot of fun moving stuff. It is indeed, a lovely home; it's simple and homey! Take care of it, and may you stay long in this place. =)

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