Tuesday, May 21, 2013


One of our favorite things ever::  The Alexandria Zoo!
It's large enough to have a pretty big variety of animals, but small enough to not feel overwhelmed, crowded, and like you have to constantly watch your kids.  Kidding!!  Kinda.  :))
Here we are on our train ride that Jenny and Nason sweetly surprised us with!

What a cute little family!!!

The kids always have an absolute blast... it's so much fun to watch!

5 sweet cousins... before it becomes 7!

Seriously, the cutest bffs everrrrrr.

An empty stage = time for a SHOW!

Monkeysssssss!! Or maybe this is elephants...??  ;)

Feeding Callie to the emus.  Pretty sure this is against Fotaz rules, but it makes a GREAT photo-op! Hahaa!

Sneakyyy little zookeeperrrr!

Hahahaha, why does Vannie fit perfectly in that monkey suit?!?
One of my favorite pictures this summer!!!!

Just monkeying around!

What's our second most favorite place in the world??
So we took a family trip there for lunch where this precious shot happened! Sooo sweet!!!!!
Especially bc family field trips are so much fun... they are outrageous and ridiculous and wild.
It's no wonder we love the zoo so much!! ;)

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