Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jude William Sharbono's Shower!

I feel a little behind with this post.. especially because Grant and Jude are both finally here... and almost a month old.  Buuut, there are still so many things that happened before then that have to be blogged, so here we go! :))
Here is Jenny at Baby Jude's shower!!  It was hosted at the Johnson's home and was so much fun!!!  Jen said it was VERY strange to be seeing BLUE everywhere and not pink, haa!
Hoooraayyy for sweet little Sharbono BOYS!!!

Shanny Baby was excited about dinner!!

The beautiful table!!

Jen loved all of her new surprises!!
{And the little outfit behind her was Nathan's when he was a toddler!  How precious!!}
Aunt Lissie's present to Baby Jude!

Big Sister Sadie ready to help babysit!!  :)

Oh boyyyy, Baby Jude is just going to LOVE this new cookbook!!  ;)
We love our Baby Jude!!!  He is here, safe and sound, and I can't wait to get those pictures posted!!  You will love him!!!  :))

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