Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Summertime is best when it includes::
Jen's Upside Down Apple Pie..

Eating dinner together on the baby picnic table...

Sprinklers on a hot summer day...

Pool time with Aunt Jenny, Sadie, Rylie, Callie, and Jude...

And a painting-themed birthday party for our sweet friend, Claire!


Emmy ALWAYS throws the cutest, most creative parties!

The three boys working on the car..  :))

Happy 4th Birthday, Clairita!!!  ;)
Painting their cupcakes!

Must have been GOOD!  

Sweet sisters!!

Jen wanted to clarify that we were all supposed to be dressed for a messy, painting party..  Unfortunately, she was the only one who showed up in her painting outfit, haha!! 
Bethany thought it was only fair that Jen actually get paint on her...
Hence, Bethany's handprint on little Baby Jude!
Can't belive Baby Jude is almost hereeeeeeeeee!!!!!
June 10, we are ready for you!!!!  :))

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